‘Black Spider’ Tom Holland wants Iron Man to revive rather than seeing Uncle Ben in the MCU again

Whether on the big screen or in real life, Tom Holland always loves and admires Robert Downey Jr. like a father, a respectable uncle. Recently, in an interview with IGN, Spider-Man even showed his strong feelings for Iron Man with the affirmation: Want Tony Stark to revive rather than see Uncle Ben in the MCU.

Specifically, the IGN reporter asked a fun question if only one character was allowed to return to the screen, who would Tom choose: Uncle Ben, his parents, Gwen Stacy or Tony Stark. Initially, the actor thought for a long time about the case of Uncle Ben, who was destined to die in almost all the films of Spider-Man that have been released in history. But in the end, he chose Iron Man, the symbol of the MCU for over 10 years.

Tom Holland wants Marvel Studios to revive Iron Man rather than seeing Uncle Ben in the MCU again.

Tom frankly said:If only one person could be chosen, it would definitely be Tony Stark, because I enjoyed working with Uncle Robert Downey Jr. It would be great to be able to play with him jubilantly on set again”.

This is not the first time Tom Holland has shown his love and admiration for Robert. At Fan X event in Utah in 2019, he shared a lot about the interest that “Iron Man” has for himself and other colleagues at Marvel Studios, helping him overcome the initial surprise and integrate. with everyone better.

Tom said: “Uncle Robert is one of the most famous movie stars in the world today. But when he worked, he was always the earliest to come, friendly to everyone. He is also very professional, doesn’t forget much about the lines and is willing to help you act a lot. That’s what makes Uncle Robert the most wonderful person”.

He continued to share one more memory that he will never forget: “I was sick once while on set, and I wasn’t really close to Uncle Robert at that time. But he was extremely kind, constantly caring, taking care of me during the filming. Working for Marvel Studios is a bit of a pressure, but it’s also great to have such colleagues. I have learned a lot from Uncle Robert as well as others, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans or Scarlett Johansson. They all show that even as a global superstar, we are not allowed to be arrogant, arrogant”.

 Black Spider Tom Holland wants Iron Man to revive rather than seeing Uncle Ben in the MCU again | Live

Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. have a close relationship on the big screen and in real life.

Iron Man was officially sacrificed on the big screen after the endless snap of Thanos in the end of Avengers: Endgame. But, Robert Downey Jr. had once hinted at the possibility of Tony Stark coming back in the future, because “everything is possible in the MCU”. There have also been rumors that he will have a cameo role in Black Widow (premiered on April 30), because this movie is set before the fight with Thanos starts – the time that Iron Man still alive.

As for Tom Holland, the talented young actor is also extremely busy with his personal projects. Currently, he is promoting Pixar’s Onward, the animated film he voices with Chris Pratt. This year, he also released more Cherry films directed by the Russo brothers, and officially shot Uncharted – Sony’s 10-year cherished plan that has yet to be realized. Finally, Marvel fans will be able to meet Tom again in Spider-Man’s third solo movie, scheduled to premiere in late 2021.

According to IGN

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