Black Clover: Top 4 most ruthless siblings Clover – everyone is shocked by the number 3 pair

In Clover Kingdom, the bloodline factor plays an important role in determining the social status of the people in the kingdom. For that reason, the couples of brothers and sisters were born a lot in all different classes to highlight the difference between rich and poor, power in the life of the Clover people.

However, for some reason, from the beginning of the series until now, all couples, whether royalty, nobles or commoners, are like water and fire, not liking each other. Many couples even waged wars and repeatedly assassinated each other, creating countless fraternal events on this land.

Fuegoleon – Meoreoleona

As the most prestigious royal couple in the whole Clover realm, both Fugeonleon and Meoreoleona have given themselves certain positions in the kingdom while holding important positions such as the captain of the Red Lotus Lion, the captain of the ghost team. the royal knight. These thoughts with their age and status must be the most serious pair of sisters to imitate the juniors. However, they did not always start civil wars that had consequences for the Hong Lien Lion Youth Union.

Vermillion is the most prestigious Clover family

From an early age, Fuegoleon and Meoreoleon were inherently disliked by each other. Someone took food with me, who messed with blaming me. Even out of disapproval of his sister’s strength, Fuegoleon challenged Meoreoleon to a match in his childhood. The history of the Vermillion clan that records the battle between the two heads of the Vermillion clan is one of the events that had the most severe consequences for the family. A part of the royal castle and countless damage to property were burned down by Vermillion’s flames.

Noelle – Nozel

Actually, not only Nozel but in the entire Silva family, everyone used to despise Noelle because she was unable to control her own magic. But with Nozel is different, he sees his mother in Noelle and is afraid to watch his sister die in the middle of the battlefield like his predecessors. For that reason, Nozel always sought to downplay, defame Noelle and forced her to join the army of the Black Bullets so that Noelle could not enter the battlefield.

Black Clover Top 4 most ruthless siblings Clover everyone is shocked by the number 3 pair | Manga/Film

Nozel really loves his sister

But over time, as Noelle’s powers grew and approached her mother’s strength, no one was able to stop Noelle in her quest to protect the kingdom. Nozel’s gaze on her sister is gradually getting clearer, but there is still a certain distance between the two after what Nozel has done to her sister.

Finral – Langris

As the most interesting pair of brothers in the whole Clover world, while Finral always loves and respects his brother, Langris has many times “killed” his brother to resolve personal conflicts. But deep inside, the two don’t hate each other.

Originally from the Vaude family, a prestigious noble of Clover. But while my brother is always busy with the fun outside without paying any attention to the family. Langris had to take all of his responsibilities again. This inadvertently led to a great deal of pressure on the young vice-captain’s shoulders and gradually turned him into a different person. Selfish, calculating and liking to vent anger, to put people down to satisfy your own negative emotions.

Black Clover Top 4 most ruthless siblings Clover everyone is shocked by the number 3 pair | Manga/Film

Langris missed his brother quite a few times

But over time, the conflict between the two brothers has gradually been resolved. Although things could not be returned to the original, Langris gradually became more sympathetic and began to put his faith in Finral. The two now gradually entered an underground competition to compete for the position of head of the Vaude clan.

Marie – Gauche

Originally from a noble family in the imperial capital, but after many incidents, the two were expelled and became commoners. With all his love, Gauche always wanted to compensate and protect his sister. However, it seems that the guy’s actions are a bit too much, making it look like “harassing” more than loving his brother.

Black Clover Top 4 most ruthless siblings Clover everyone is shocked by the number 3 pair | Manga/Film

Gauche’s somewhat special love for his sister

Many times Gauche transformed into an orphan to mix in the church to be able to be close to his sister. For that reason, Marie had a bit of a grudge against her brother after all the trouble Gauche caused. She even slashed Gauche’s face many times because she did not want to see her brother.

4 pairs of siblings in Black CloverEach person has a scene, but they all have one thing in common: they don’t like each other. That creates a lot of bad and funny episodes and difficult moments to help. Who do you think is the most interesting pair of brothers and sisters in this series?

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