BKAV revealed the basic phone C85: KaiOS, not designed by itself but bought from another party, priced below VND 1 million.

After the launch of four Bphone series in early May, BKAV said it will launch a basic phone model with a cheap price in July. Recently, some information about this model has been revealed by BKAV.

Specifically, this model will be called “C85”, but it seems that it will not belong to the Bphone line as previously familiar users, but instead is “BKAV C85”.

As a basic phone, the BKAV C85 will have a traditional design with a navigation button and T9 keyboard. However, the special feature of BKAV C85 is that it uses KaiOS operating system, which allows installing some basic applications such as Facebook, Youtube or Google. Some previous Nokia products such as 8110, 2720 or 800 Tough also use this operating system.

Design of BKAV C85

BKAV C85 will also support 4G network, a feature that not all basic phones have. Combined with KaiOS, C85 is called “smart feature phone” by BKAV, which means basic phone but has integrated some smart features.

Expected price offered by BKAV for C85 is under 1 million. To get this price, BKAV will “cooperate with a major network operator in Vietnam”. Currently, BKAV is also cooperating with Mobifone to sell Bphone.

Different from Bphone when BKAV owns both design and production, C85 will be a product that BKAV cooperates with ODM (Original Design Manufacturer). Specifically, BKAV will buy the design of C85 from another manufacturer, instead of designing it himself. This approach will help reduce research and production costs.

In July, besides C85, BKAV is expected to launch two cheap Bphone, B40 and B60 and true wireless AirB headphones. Earlier, BKAV CEO Nguyen Tu Quang once declared that Bphone was available “the number of devices sold doubled in the same period”, However, there have been many doubts from the online community.

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