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BKAV CEO Nguyen Tu Quang said Bphone was ‘sold out’, many Vietnamese were skeptical

Up to now, it has been nearly 3 weeks since Bphone B86 and Bphone B86s were officially launched by BKAV. What users are most interested in right now is the sales of the new generation of Bphone. After the first three generations of Bphone are not very successful, will Bphone B86 repeat the situation or will it bring “outbreak” to BKAV?

Recently on Facebook, BKAV CEO Nguyen Tu Quang shared a relatively positive information, said the Bphone B86s version “sold out”, and “the number of devices sold doubled in the same period”. However, like previous times, the specific number of devices sold remains confidential.

Besides the congratulatory comments, many people expressed skepticism before the actual sales of the new Bphone.

“Bphone sold all of them, it’s hard to believe. Maybe a few dozen were produced” – A member of Bphone Fans wrote.

Because Bphone B86s is a limited edition of Bphone B86 with 128GB internal memory, it is not surprising that this device is out of stock. In addition, according to our reference from the BKAV website, only the turquoise version of Bphone B86s is out of stock, the remaining three color versions are pink, black and white.

BKAV CEO Nguyen Tu Quang said Bphone was sold out many Vietnamese were skeptical | Mobile & Social

Bphone B86s is a limited edition of Bphone B86 with bigger internal memory and higher price

Some other users also pointed out that the “out of stock” situation has occurred with most previous smartphones of BKAV such as Bphone 3 or Bphone 2017. Therefore, this can completely be a promotional “trick”. Report of BKAV to attract the attention of public opinion.

The reason BKAV has a reason to do so, because in July, Vietnamese smartphone manufacturers will launch two new Bphone models to the market, B60 and B40. This is a shortened version of Bphone B86 with a cheaper price, thus raising hopes of expanding BKAV’s market share at home.

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