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BKAV CEO Nguyen Tu Quang: Not all phones can be used in Antarctica or Arctic, but Bphone can

Recently, BKAV CEO Nguyen Tu Quang is very active on social networks to promote the latest generation of its smartphone Bphone B86. Recently, he continued to post a new status line, talking about the durability of Bphone.

The attached video shows a Bphone B86 frozen in the refrigerator for 5 hours, but can be used normally after it is removed. This is thanks to the “IP68 +” water resistance standard of Bphone B86. Although IP68 + is a standard created by BKAV itself, it also shows that BKAV’s smartphone is completely water resistant to a certain extent.

Bphone still works well after being “frozen”.

BKAV CEO is very proud of this achievement of Bphone B86. He said, “Not all phones can be used in the South Pole or the North Pole. Bphone B86 with unlimited EXPERIENCE, of course, durability is one of the top factors I place. For first-class engineers, strict production processes, Bphone can be used in the harshest conditions.

To prove that Bphone is a durable model, Mr. Quang also quoted a Bphone 2 user as “wanting to buy a new Bphone but his wife refused because Bphone 2 is still good”.

“Yes, I read the comments of many similar customers, that B2, even B1, let alone B3 is still shiny, still fresh after many years of use.

By reading this, many of you will probably say that this CEO is not crazy or not, so who do you sell to. The Bfans who see their B sister “delicious” are not impatient.

I honestly say, I’m glad that customers have received the true values ​​we want to bring. As for sales, we aim for long-term sustainable development! ”

It is difficult to verify what Mr. Quang said is accurate or not. However, the fact that we all have to admit is that Bphone B86 is a rare smartphone in the water-resistant segment. Previously, some Samsung A-series smartphones like the 2017 Galaxy A5 or 2017 Galaxy A7 used to have this feature, but it was removed by Samsung in later versions.

It is expected that in July, BKAV will continue to launch two more models, Bphone B60 and Bphone B40 with prices ranging from 5.5-7 million VND, also equipped with water resistance “IP68 +” as the two. B86 / B86s seniors are more expensive.

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