Besides Goku’s father, Gohan may be more developed in Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super made a mistake to keep Gohan mostly in marginal position while Goku and Vegata has progressed to a level of power and godlike transformation. But now, it seems that that might change since the manga’s new “Galactic Patrol Prisoner” arc climaxed, Earth is being threatened by the sorceress who eats the planet Moro, while Goku and Vegeta. are seeking new powers from other planets to be able to defeat this fearsome foe.

Their absence leaves the responsibility to protect the Earth for the remaining Z warriors who are present on Earth. In the battle with the forces of Moro, Gohan and Piccolo have made viewers stunned with some new fighting techniques that we have never seen.

When Moro’s first galactic reconnaissance army arrived on Earth, they scattered throughout the planet in search of a rare source of energy, before Moro sucked up all the life energy there. Of course, they were easily handled by Piccolo, but they also promptly informed the accomplices. Later, another army of Moro was sent here, they encountered Z fighters. In particular, Gohan and Piccolo had to fight the toughest opponent, the android name Seventhree.

Besides Goku s father Gohan may be more developed in Dragon Ball Super | Manga/Film

The evil android guy used his imitative power to steal the ability of Gohan and Piccolo, which forced the “teacher-student” duo to open up a strategy to cope. Starting with Gohan revealing a new defensive technique combined with Piccolo’s special Beam Cannon attack. Then continue with Piccolo firing a series of energy explosions that Gohan uses as a “poplar” to get close to Seventhree. Eventually, an explosion of Solar Flare and Special Beam Cannon caused Seenthree trouble.

Besides Goku s father Gohan may be more developed in Dragon Ball Super | Manga/Film

Obviously, watching how Earth warriors have to adapt and overcome the challenges of powerful enemies is fun for many, especially for characters like Gohan, Piccolo and Yamcha. This may also be the premise for Gohan’s subsequent transformation and power up.

In the past, sGohan’s strong memories have grown tremendously when Gohan trained with his father and achieved Super Saiya 2. Even Gohan’s potential is greater than his father when he fights Cell. So a lot of people want to see Gohan shine once more. Left cEvil do you hope this comes true? Please share your opinion!

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