Being touched by Riot, China decided to revive the ‘national team of League of Legends’ with the Koreans, but Uzi was eliminated.

Chinese media recently reported that the country’s e-sports association is planning to re-establish the “National team. League of Legends China, “gathering LPL’s most famous indigenous stars to participate in a national-scale e-sports event, will be launched later this year.

The specific information about this tournament has not been revealed too much, only know that this will be an esports tournament with the participation of 3 countries Japan, Korea and China. And with this national tournament, the participating teams will not be esports organizations, but each country will conduct a selection of players to form their own national team.

The only time that League of Legends was made up of the “national team” was at the Asian Games – ASIAN Games 2018. In this tournament, the Chinese League of Legends team defeated the Korean League of Legends Team in the Final with a score of 3-1 to win the League of Legends Gold Medal (despite the fact that Esports at ASIAN Games is only counted as performing subjects).

As we have reported, recently, Riot Games made the Chinese online community angry when launching a “tantalizing” poster of the China – Korea War – Mid-Season LCK LPL Mid-Season Event, when 3/4 of the faces representing LPL teams are Korean.

Being touched by Riot China decided to revive the national team of League of Legends with the Koreans but Uzi was eliminated | Esports

With the results at ASIAN Games 2018, the Chinese believe that the internal strength of the local players in the LPL is practically not inferior to that of the Korean players, even though the two Worlds championships of the LPL are still very bold. Korean seal.

The esports event that will take place later this year (scheduled to be held shortly after Worlds 2020) will be a rare opportunity for Chinese League of Legends to assert their absolute dominance.

However, it is a pity that the sources from China assert that their “national team League of Legends” this year will not have the presence of Uzi – The name has stopped playing for more than half a year.

Being touched by Riot China decided to revive the national team of League of Legends with the Koreans but Uzi was eliminated | Esports

At ASIAN Games 2018, Uzi was the most important nucleus that helped China beat Korea with an overwhelming score of 3-1, however, age and injury problems made him unable to play regularly. for almost 2 years, and of course his performance cannot be stable.

Instead, the Chinese League of Legends version 2020 will still be a very promising name when possessing many young talents like Tian, ​​Knight, JackeyLove …

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