Being chased by SofM in the rank, the former MSI champion had to say: ‘I only wish to be with him for life’.

Recently, Xiaohu – The mid laner of Royal Never Give Up had the opportunity to confront SofM at Korean rank. It is unknown whether or not we realized that our “acquaintance”, our SofM guy, had a little careful care with his teammate Uzi.

Despite using a tank-prone champion, Poppy, jungle, the number of SofM roams that gank mid lanes in the early game is too many, and that makes Akali in Xiaohu’s hands, despite having the advantage. on the kill network, still encountered tremendous pressure and many times had to flee from the road.

Faced with SofM’s annoying gameplay, Xiaohu had to say on the stream that he wished he could be SofM’s teammate.

“Lately I’ve been lacking in alert, I want to play more games, but to concentrate on doing that, I have to go to the gym, I go to the gym every day, and it really helps me to be more alert. .

This jungle guy keeps going around, does he hate me so much? Oh yeah, the Jungle, and he’s SofM. Only SofM can play this game. He likes to do other people’s robbery things. Encountering this type of game play, really it makes me frustrated, sick always, too much pressure, not mad is strange.

Well, honestly, I wish I could team up with him too, then we will be teammates for the rest of this life. Only then will I be happy to see your mid team experience what I’m suffering, letting it know what this crazy sense of helplessness is. “

Being chased by SofM in the rank the former MSI champion had to say I only wish to be with him for life | Esports

In this match, Xiaohu’s team won extremely overwhelmingly, when SofM team, despite possessing many “good players” such as the Viper couple – Lehends or Thal and Showmaker, still “feeds like the season”.

However, in a game where the home team was disadvantaged right from the beginning, SofM still showed a relatively active play, constantly putting pressure on Xiaohu’s Mid lane, creating the basis for Showmaker’s Syndra press the road back. Unfortunately, SofM’s teammates could not take advantage of that advantage, resulting in a slightly … shattered outcome.

Being chased by SofM in the rank the former MSI champion had to say I only wish to be with him for life | Esports

It can be seen that SofM’s special style of play is not only acknowledged by Chinese experts and media, but even the players at the LPL are extremely fond of this “style”. The jungler has learned and mastered the essence of the jungle game, but Xiaohu himself – a veteran mid laner and the most famous Chinese player, must also affirm. As a result of SofM’s style of play, we probably don’t need to doubt his position in the LPL anymore.

Xiaohu is the veteran mid lane star of Royal Never Give Up, and is also a factor of the Chinese “golden generation” of League of Legends when he and RNG won 2 LPL championships, and especially one MSI championship. 2018.

Being chased by SofM in the rank the former MSI champion had to say I only wish to be with him for life | Esports

During his career, he also played alongside the world famous junglers, Mlxg and Karsa, but even if it was his teammates, Xiaohu was rarely used for. they praised “wings” as when he commented on SofM.

Currently, RNG still possesses a very talented young talent in the jungle position as XLB, accompanied by a policy of not using foreign soldiers, so Xiaohu’s dream of playing with SofM. It’s pretty hard to be true unless you say goodbye to RNG.

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