Before ‘G’ opened for sale of iPhone 12: Notebooks are still difficult to attract customers, despite discounts

As noted by us, the current selling price of iPhone 12 portable computers in all versions showed signs of sharp decline compared to the first time they were brought to Vietnam. Specifically, a laptop iPhone 12 priced from about 25 million VND (64GB) has dropped to about 2 million after just a few days and continues to decrease to only about 21.7 million at some dealers, meanwhile iPhone 12 Pro is sold at a price of 31 million dong.

Likewise, the price for an iPhone 12 Pro (128GB) at the time reached 36 million VND but currently this price is only about 29 to 31 million VND depending on the color for the ZA version / A. Especially with the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the version most anticipated by Vietnamese so far has decreased by nearly 15 million VND since appearing in Vietnam on November 13. With a starting price of over 50 million dong for the first iPhone 12 Pro Max (128GB), at present, with only 34 million dong, users can immediately own this high-end flagship.

Despite such a dramatically reduced price tag, the portable iPhone 12 still doesn’t really appeal to consumers. After the very exciting first days, the number of customers who want to have it soon has found their device, and the information that November 27 will be the date of opening for sale of iPhone VN / A (genuine) products. making the portable market slow down.

Before G opened for sale of iPhone 12 Notebooks are still difficult to attract customers despite discounts | Mobile

Mr. Tung (27 years old) – an office worker in Thu Duc said: “This year, the post-translation economic situation is not so positive, so I am very considerate when changing a new phone“When asked about whether to choose a portable iPhone to replace the genuine purchase, he also said:” The time when the genuine iPhone 12 is about to come and the price difference with the laptop is not worth much, so it makes me quite confused. However, if in the next few days, the portable products showing signs of ‘exhausting’ decrease deeply, I will consider that option.“.

Contrary to a cooling interest in portable products, orders for the genuine iPhone 12 at distribution units have increased significantly. According to representatives of CellPhoneS, this retailer has 3 times more customers to deposit iPhone 12 series compared to the same period last year, of which iPhone 12 Pro Max accounts for the highest rate with more than 60%. For Mobile World, up to 10,735 iPhone 12 deposits and iPhone 12 Pro Max 128GB Pacific Blue version accounted for the highest number, approximately 23.9%.

Before G opened for sale of iPhone 12 Notebooks are still difficult to attract customers despite discounts | Mobile

In addition to competitive prices and early sales, genuine dealers also take advantage of adding old-innovation revenue programs to reduce costs for more consumers.

The representative of FPT Shop’s system said that this number also doubled the number of orders for iPhone 11 series last year, assessed for the level of interest and order “on par with the peak of the iPhone with the 2014 iPhone 6/6 Plus (record sales)“. Two major mobile phone stores, Minh Tuan Mobile and Di Dong Viet, also recorded the number of customers who deposit 6,000 and 5000 orders, increasing sharply year on year.

The explanation for this sudden increase, FPT representative said: “The first reason is that this year’s iPhone launched late and at the right time of year-end shopping, along with the short opening time for sale in Vietnam compared to other countries in the region (3 weeks from Singapore) and open sold 4 models at the same time. “

Besides, the representative of 24hStore store also said: “In fact, due to the COVID-19 epidemic that took place at the beginning of the year, making it difficult to transport goods, limited supply led to higher prices for portable goods, becoming a competitive advantage of the product. iPhone 12 genuine Vietnamese code compared to portable products“. Mr. Dat from Viet Mobile also shared more,”Extremely competitive price with many incentives when ordering early, after-sales warranty is also the reason why users increasingly turn to genuine iPhone.“- A representative of Mobile Vietnam shares.

It can be said that this is a good opportunity for Apple to repel portable products from the market. The early sale of all 4 versions as well as the promotion of genuine dealers shows a part of the Apple family’s more attention to the Vietnamese market, thereby facilitating more products or stores. Apple Authorized goods in the future.

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