Becoming the hottest name in the transfer market, Nuguri will enjoy the second highest salary in history only after Faker?

The notice expires with DAMWON Gaming has gone Nuguri became the hottest name in the 2021 pre-season transfer market. The top laner born in 1999 is now believed to be a hunting target for at least 4 powerful teams in the LCK and LPL, including T1.

According to Korean media, T1 is willing to spend the transfer amount and the record high remuneration at the LCK to welcome Nuguri to join, but facing them is the bottomless money from China. The panda net community has spread the information that the record offer Nuguri can get, will even break the 30 million yuan salary / year that Uzi once owned.

Recently, the Korean press continued to reaffirm this theory, saying that the contract that Nuguri could write to sign during the transfer period this year will make him the second highest-paid player in the calendar. professional League of Legends history, second only to Faker.

Faker’s salary has never been made public, some sources from Naver claim that the Demon King is enjoying a salary of $ 5 million / year at T1, excluding bonuses and streaming contracts, advertising. fox.

Becoming the hottest name in the transfer market Nuguri will enjoy the second highest salary in history only after Faker | Esports

This means that if Nuguri’s salary rumors come true, this player can receive a salary of more than $ 4.5 million / year (surpassing Uzi’s salary) to become a player with 2nd highest salary in the world.

In fact, in DAMWON Gaming’s CKTG 2020 championship victory, Nuguri is not the most prominent name, but his influence on the team’s gameplay is too easy to recognize. Nuguri’s omniscience has made him the top laner in the world since the peak of Marin, and that has made it easy for DWG to deploy his playstyle to the fullest.

So, if Nuguri gets the call “flooded with money”, it’s no wonder, because the perfect form of “ten-by-ten” like this guy doesn’t always appear. .

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