Beat DAMWON but JD Gaming still disappoints LPL fans

Group stage’s stage Worlds 2020 is gradually coming to an end, when the situation of Group A and Group B is over. If in Group A, Suning is making Chinese League of Legends fans excited by usurping G2 Esports to take the top spot, then in Group B, JD Gaming was a bit disappointing.

In the last match, JDG defeated DAMWON to “revenge” the loss in the first leg, however, their victory did not mean much when before that, Kanavi and his teammates unexpectedly lost to PSG. Talon – PCS # 2 Representative.

JDG vs PSG Highlights Day 6 Worlds 2020 Main Event JD Gaming vs PSG Talon by Onivia

This loss left JDG no chance to take the top spot, and the match with DWG was only a procedural meaning. That is the reason why despite defeating the LCK champions, JDG still has to receive criticism from Chinese fans.

With second place in Group B, they risk facing Suning in the quarterfinals. A civil war LPL What no Chinese fan is expecting, let alone the match between seed 2 and seed 3 – The teams that are showing their ability and ability to compete for the championship. .

In the event that SN draws the JDG, has not discussed the results, then surely 1 of the 2 names SofM or Kanavi will soon have to say goodbye to the tournament, and LPL will therefore also lose a “spearhead” competition for the championship. So many Chinese fans have expressed implication of blame for JDG’s disastrous defeat against PSG. Their failure can indirectly cause at least one Chinese team to be eliminated early, while the other regions can become the “great fisherman”.

After the group stage series ended, the JDG players also apologized to their home fans and promised to do their best in the quarter-finals to redeem this mistake. Meanwhile, for Suning fans, the prospect of meeting JDG in the quarterfinals is not what they expected, because the head-to-head performance between the two teams is somewhat detrimental to SN.

Anyway, to aim for higher goals, the encounter with a “stubborn” opponent will happen sooner or later, so what SN can do now is make use of the time. take a break to practice and prepare best for my first Bo5 streak, no matter who their opponents are.

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