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Battle game on office laptop? This is a laptop that will change your look

Thin and light machine with “utopian” configuration

The “real” point here is not the story about the lean gaming machine stuffed with the worst parameters, but the office laptop model with the standard model Vivobook A14 / A15. The ideal weight of 1.4kg (A14 version) and 1.8kg (A15) combines the sleek, slender look that makes the new product from Asus easily caught the eye of any Gen Z and Millennials. .

Hidden behind that fashion is outstanding processing performance, which dispels previous prejudices about thin and light laptops that are usually only equipped with “normal” hardware configuration. Vivobook A14 / A15 is one of the first products in Vietnam to own the latest 11th generation Intel Core i processor with powerful improvements in both CPU and GPU. The “brain” of the machine is manufactured on a 10nm process, greatly improving its power. The most impressive thing is the breakthrough in the integrated graphics core Intel Iris XE for 2-3 times the performance of its predecessor.

Asus VivoBook A415 / 515 stands out when it set a TDP of 28W instead of the usual 15W for Intel’s U series processors, which promises up to 40% improved performance over competitors with the same Equipment. The difference from this setting is evident in the system resource-intensive tasks, now the 11th Gen Intel Core i CPU inside the Vivobook A14 / A15 not only provides a higher base clock speed. but also allows the system to maintain a boost clock rate thanks to Turbo Boost technology for longer and more stable than other thin and light laptops with a 15W TDP setting.

Battle game on office laptop This is a laptop that will change your look | Digital toys

Of course, paired with such a high TDP processor is always a good cooling system. Therefore, you can rest assured that the radiator and cooling fan in the Vivobook A14 / A15 are “not the right kind”.

All in all, pioneering the latest generation of 11-generation Intel Core i processors and even “outperforming” with a 28W TDP setting, the new pair of Vivobook laptops from Asus are showing young people their dreams of a The laptop “beautiful – thin – strong” is completely real.

Expand the border of entertainment and creativity with Asus Vivobook A14 / A15

Possessing really impressive hardware in the form of a thin and light laptop, Vivobook A14 / A15 is diversifying tasks that young people can confidently experience every day. The entertainment moment does not stop at extremely chill music or Hollywood movies, the power that laptops from Asus possesses enough power for you to fight with friends in popular online games.

The power of the Vivobook A14 / A15 laptop is even more impressive when it is enough for you to immediately fight AAA games that always require very high processing performance. You will be amazed to see that this slim and light machine can play GTA V without a hitch at normal graphics settings. If previously had to pity people to play witch hunters in The Witcher 3, now you are free to enjoy it when the representative from Asus is strong enough to “carry the game” stable 30fps frame rate at settings Medium graphics. This is impossible with any laptop thin and light before.

The ability to battle games in the “neighborhood players” of Vivobook A14 / A15 also opens up a whole sky of other applications for Gen Z and Millennials to freely study and create their own. Processing photos with multiple effects, complex layers in Lightroom, Photoshop or even video editing on professional editing applications is entirely within the laptop’s burden.

Battle game on office laptop This is a laptop that will change your look | Digital toys

Equipped with the latest and genuine hardware from Intel and a series of other overwhelming highlights, the Asus Vivobook A14 / A15 duo is a convincing answer to the desire of a multi-zi-thin office laptop. power. Playing AAA games to smoothly using professional graphics applications, products from a Taiwanese electronics company will be a really outstanding choice, hard to ignore from young people.

VivoBook 14/15 is the pioneer product line equipped with Intel Core I 11th generation with outstanding advantages in performance 40% heavier, durable battery life at settings up to 28W TDP.

With the new generation of Iris X integrated graphics, Intel is committed to fully playing AAA games at Full HD resolution on thin and light laptops, not only with the most powerful performance. In its price range, VivoBook A415 / A515 also offers the best user experience with PCIe SSD storage up to 512GB, WiFi 6 connectivity, Harman Kardon audio, fingerprint security sensor and floating point improvement. The most prominent is the screen using an IPS panel that offers a wide viewing angle of up to 178 degrees, making sharing content with friends easier and more enjoyable than ever. See more at:

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