Bad news: G2 Perkz announces his father has died of cancer

Recently on Twitter personal, captain of G2 Esports – Luka “Perkz“Perković posted an announcement that shocked the fan community, saying his father had died on Sunday from cancer.

“My father passed away from cancer last Sunday.

I will go home to take care of the funeral, then return to LEC this Friday.

The loss was more painful than I could have imagined, but I believed that everything would be all right.

Spend more time with your parents, because you never know when it’s too late to be with them. “

Contrary to Caps, members of the Perkz family rarely appear in the media, and information about his father’s cancer was only known through the article Perkz posted.

Bad news G2 Perkz announces his father has died of cancer | Esports

Perkz just experienced the pain of losing his father in the context of the Summer tournament is approaching

Through the rare vlog or reportage, Perkz also shared that his parents always give silent support to his son in the career of the player. It can be said that this is a huge loss for individual Perkz in particular and G2 Esports in general – A team built on the cohesion between the players as close family members.

On Perkz’s personal Twitter, the community League of Legends The international has expressed deep condolences to the Perkz family and hope he will overcome this pain soon.

Bad news G2 Perkz announces his father has died of cancer | Esports

The League community offered condolences to the Perkz family after news of his father’s death

In addition, Perkz also said that he will be able to return on Friday, which is the right time to start the LEC Summer 2020 tournament, after finishing the incident for his father. However, some fans also commented that they would not mind if Perkz took a break from the game to rest and calm down.

In a retweet to the LoL community, Perkz also shared that: “I don’t want anything more to share, because I was so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family, thank you so much.”

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