Bad news for Marvel fans: Robert Downey Jr. confirmed that he will not return as Iron Man of the MCU anymore

Iron Man can be seen as the person who gave birth to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) after the great success of the first solo film, released in 2008. With box office sales reaching nearly $ 600 million, the set This movie helped Marvel Studios catch the eye of Disney and put the MCU name on the world cinema map, becoming a powerful force today.

Therefore, Iron Man’s lofty sacrifice in the end of Endgame took many tears away and left a deep regret in the hearts of millions of fans around the world. With the theory of new parallel universes and timelines introduced for the first time in the MCU, many people were hoping that Iron Man would somehow return to the big screen (just like Marvel Studios did it with Loki, when the 2012 version of the guy disappeared with the Tesseract).

Iron Man has ended its journey of more than a decade with the MCU, but fans cannot believe they will no longer see Iron Man on the big screen.

Recently, however, actor Robert Downey Jr., the irreplaceable Tony Stark of the MCU, personally talked about his ability to participate in Marvel Studios movie projects in the near future: “All was over“. Robert will no longer appear on the big screen in Marvel’s superhero movies. And Iron Man, if it does return, it will most likely be played by another face.

Previously, there were rumors that Tony Stark will appear in Black Widow – the opening film for the MCU phase 4, expected to release later this year. This is a fairly reasonable detail, because Black Widow will be set after the Civil War and before Infinity War – the time when Iron Man is still alive and has a close colleague relationship with Natasha Romanoff.

However, this may just be a cut clip that was never shown in Captain America: Civil War, and reused by Marvel Studios for Black Widow. Accordingly, Tony Stark will have a secret meeting with Natasha and assign her an important task, thereby leading to the main events that take place in the first blockbuster of the MCU phase 4. Of course, the whole The above information is only at the level of rumors and we can only confirm with certainty when Black Widow hits theaters on November 6.

Bad news for Marvel fans Robert Downey Jr confirmed that he will not return as Iron Man of the MCU anymore | Live

Although Iron Man does appear in Black Widow, there is a high chance that it is just a video that was filmed in Captain America: Civil War but was not released.

In addition, with a studio famous for creating spectacular tricks like Marvel Studios, anything can happen, even when Robert Downey Jr. claiming it was over. Despite officially saying goodbye to the role of Iron Man, Marvel has many ways to bring him back (with a decent amount of pay, of course). Don’t forget that flashback or revival scenes are no stranger to the superhero universe, and they can use them whenever needed.

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