Bad news for iFan, although there are a lot of old chargers, if you buy an iPhone 12, you still have to buy a new charger

Certainly, those who have been with Apple in the past have accumulated many chargers, headphones and Lightning cables. During the iPhone 12 launch event, Apple has officially announced that they will remove the charger and the headset from the box. After all, the chargers of Apple devices so far are not compatible with the new cables in the case. Therefore, many people will definitely have to buy an external charger.

The main message, which Apple explains, is refusing to add chargers and headphones is to protect the environment. At the same time, Apple insisted on reducing the amount of electronic waste and at the same time reducing the amount of emissions into the atmosphere by cutting production of accessories. In principle, the goal is good. Besides, with the new policy of the company, most users will have to buy at least an external charger, which will increase revenue for Apple itself.

Which charger do you need for iPhone?

Few people noticed that, now the iPhone 12 series will come with a USB-C to Lightning cable. This is a shock to many users as they do not have a compatible power supply, almost all previous iPhones and iPads were provided with USB-A connectors (except for newer models). Like it or not, you won’t be able to connect the new cable to the old adapter unless you have a MacBook because they come with a USB-C charger.

What’s happening? Hidden behind concern for the environment is enormous contradiction. Instead of reducing the amount of electronic waste, Apple turns all the old power supplies that users have into useless things. To connect to a new iPhone the only way is to use an old cable with USB-A.

How much does the iPhone charge charge?

Bad news for iFan although there are a lot of old chargers if you buy an iPhone 12 you still have to buy a new charger | Mobile

To charge your new iPhone 12, you’ll need a special charger with USB-C

Now, the cheapest 20W charger in the store – 440 thousand dong. Not too expensive compared to the chargers of old iPhones. However, from now on, Apple will certainly sell accessories than before. Not to mention, predictions that they have paved the way for other phone companies to follow in removing the charger, as they removed the 3.5mm jack before.

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