Back to the story ‘naughty’: Posting illustrations of ‘beheading’ opponents, DragonX was boycotted by the whole LoL community

DragonX still ice on the journey to conquer the throne LCK Summer 2020 his with a destructive performance. And recently, they have continued to win an extremely important victory against direct competitors: Gen.G Esports, with a total score of 2-1.

DRX vs GEN Highlights ALL GAMES LCK Summer Season 2020 W6D3 DRX vs Gen G by Onivia

Gen.G should have been able to get a better result, because in the first game, Clid and his new teammates were the dominant side. However, only with a brilliant situation of Chovy, with a very clever handling phase, bypassing GEN’s vision then speeding back to provoke 4 enemy team members.

Chovy’s Highlight completely turned the tide, helping DRX turn defeat into victory in game 1, setting the stage for the team’s final victory.

Chovy’s highlight phase with Galio

It could have been possible to mention the match between DRX and GEN with the most perfect words, but a ripple appeared. After the match, DragonX’s media immediately posted a “nape”, which was a comic page, which recorded Chovy’s Galio “reaping the head” Zdd of Bdd, in accordance with literal meaning.

Winning as a king, losing is a must listen, it’s a very normal story in sports, but the message “crowing nape” of DRX seems to have become “nape”, because they have recreated the image of Zoe “interrupted” – An extremely violent, offensive and somewhat offensive scene to Bdd.

After that, the owner of Gen.G also responded with an ironic tweet about how the DRX media team spent too much enthusiasm and time to create a product that offended the opponent. While Bdd himself asserted that he felt extremely uncomfortable to see himself being too ironic.

Back to the story naughty Posting illustrations of beheading opponents DragonX was boycotted by the whole LoL community | Esports

Gen.G’s tweet tweeted the “face-to-face” DragonX to sarcasm about the aforementioned webtoon

On the Korean LoL community, even the hard-core fans of DragonX could not accept the “barbaric” work that the home media team. A lot of criticism appeared, causing DRX’s weibo to then delete this photo.

However, it still can not make the fans angry, because the leader of DragonX has so far expressed silence and has no intention of apologizing to Bdd and Gen.G.

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