‘Baby Shark Dance’ and YouTube’s rice fishing rod

If you are not a regular YouTube follower, you may occasionally hear of ‘Gangnam Style’, the first phenomenon that reached billions of views in 2012 or the hit billion views of stars like Justin Bieber, Maroon 5 or Charlie. Puth.

Since then, dozens more videos have joined the billion-view YouTube club. Most notably, ‘Baby Shark Dance’ just surpassed ‘Despacito’ to become the most watched video on the planet with 7.07 billion views.

‘Baby Shark Dance’ hits the world’s most watched video on YouTube

In fact, the fact that a child-oriented video reaches the Top 1 YouTube is not too surprising. For a long time, the billion-view YouTube club has no shortage of videos for children like ‘Masha and the Bear’ (4.36 billion views), ‘Johny Johny Yes Papa’ (4.17 billion) …

Worldwide, children’s content is considered a gold mine for YouTubers’ view, despite the platform’s efforts to create a YouTube Kids section to separate children’s content from diverse content. age (including content with age restriction 18+).

Child-based YouTube audience growth comes from a fairly common but no specific statistic: kids today won’t eat without watching YouTube.

 Baby Shark Dance and YouTube s rice fishing rod | Internet

The growth rate of children’s videos is frightening, and the chart shows the Baby Shark Dance will continue to grow.

However, the growth numbers of children’s channels on YouTube cannot lie. The owner of ‘Baby Shark Dance’ currently earns 800 million views per month, an increase of 2.5 times compared to the number of 2019. Currently this channel has a total of 18 billion views, although the number of subscribers is far behind the leading group. .

The most subscribed channel in the world today is T-Series (159 million subs, 130 billion views) in a race to increase the number of followers with PewDiePie (107 million subs, 26 billion views). But children’s content channels without racing also get billions of views such as Cocomelon (82.6 billion views), Like Nastya (45.8 billion views), Ryan’s World (42.6 billion views) …

The value of a video is measured by view and viewing duration, the larger the number, the greater the income that the channel owner has. Passive viewers (children) are the source for a high-quality channel, so children are YouTube’s perfect fishing rod.

 Baby Shark Dance and YouTube s rice fishing rod | Internet

The Vietnamese also expressed their concerns about the increasing view speed of the Baby Shark Dance.

In Vietnam, the trend of making videos for children has been catching up very early. The starting point is children’s channels like POPS Kids (12.8 million subs) or BHMEDIA (8.63 million). In particular, the most prominent recently is Tho Nguyen (real name Nguyen Hong Tho, 8.45 million subs), a YouTuber who specializes in making videos for children and has a strong fan base of ‘Red Riding Hood’. .

But underneath the iceberg there are countless uncontrolled kids making content. That’s why when the group making clips of Spiderman Elsa with objectionable content was fined 30 million VND in 2017, the parents just fell back to the daring level of these ‘disguised’ channels.

Today, videos for children have been transformed immeasurably, from English animation to pure Vietnamese content with live action. It is very difficult for parents to completely restrict this type of video without direct supervision with the child. In particular, YouTube’s video recommendation and auto-forwarding mechanism makes the more you watch, the longer you watch it, the more children will be susceptible to channels with bullshit content and view sentences.

Therefore, if you cannot supervise live, experts recommend that parents set up a Google Family account, restrict traffic, block search and only let children watch selected videos in YouTube Kids. can control and interfere remotely with the content of children watching.

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