Baby Shark 7.6 billion views ranked top 1 in the world but has a copyright secret that few people know, so far can not judge

Debuted from mid-2016 but the reputation of the song Baby Shark really spread is from 2019. Baby Shark has become the “haunted” song of diaper mothers and children, even young people on the cross-street team passively listen to it. But with persistent vitality, so far, the song continues to receive attention, views are still increasing steadily.

Recently, “children’s chant” has achieved a record of surpassing “heavyweight opponents”. Despacito to become the video with the highest views on YouTube in the world.

Baby Shark Dance – PINKFONG Songs for Children

Current view of Baby Shark

Know Baby Shark is a musical phenomenon of the world, know Baby Shark achieved many remarkable achievements in the international entertainment market, even the “addictive to haunted” melody of Baby Shark also around in people’s heads. But few people know that this song has many problems surrounding music copyright.

Baby Shark is not Pinkfong’s!

Based on the original video, more than 7.6 billion views (up to now) of Baby Shark This is a video produced by Pinkfong. It is known that Pinkfong is a music label of a Korean entertainment and education company SmartStudy – a subsidiary of Samsung Publishing. Pinkfong specializes in producing online content, mainly in the form of well-crafted videos with bright colors and description on YouTube channel. Pinkfong videos always attract millions of followers from children around the world.

Baby Shark 7 6 billion views ranked top 1 in the world but has a copyright secret that few people know so far can not judge | Internet

After 4 years of debut, Baby Shark has reached more than 7 billion views and views are still increasing steadily

However, if you learn carefully the situation then Baby Shark not Pinkfong’s. On January 15, 2007, a German woman named Alexandra Muller uploaded a video to YouTube with the name Kleiner Hai (roughly translated: Little Shark). It can be said that this is considered a pioneer video for the trend Baby Shark after that.

This woman took a few lines in French with a shark jaw simulation that emerged at that time. The video of Alexandra Muller began to spread in Germany after a DJ remixed the track to a techno tune.

Kleiner Hai

After that, a man named Johnny Only must have heard the song so he rewrote the song and “modified” the music to make it better. In 2011, Johnny Only uploaded to his YouTube channel a clip of him playing, dancing and singing the song with his family. He named the song Baby Shark Song.

However, because Johnny Only is just a not-so-famous YouTuber, this clip only received a few tens of thousands of views. And everything just stops there, there is no famous, no achievement.

It wasn’t until Pinkfong accidentally picked up this clip on YouTube and brought it “fried and cooked”. Baby Shark has really become a global phenomenon.

Johnny Only – Baby Shark Song (Non-dismemberment version)

Who does the music copyright belong to?

The question “Who does the copyright belong to music?” Up to now, the question mark is still suspended.

Au is also because the origin of the song has an ambiguity – when this person creates, the other scavenged and edited – so the issue of music copyright will forever remain a controversial issue, whether you want it or not. .

As soon as the name of the Baby Shark Beginning to spread, in Korea, this children’s song has met a lot of controversy about legal issues. Specifically, in 2018, a political party in Korea used the song to serve the local election campaign. Soon after, Pinkfong’s SmartStudy company accused the party of piracy and even threatened legal action.

This party later objected and accused Pinkfong of plagiarizing the song Baby Shark Song Johnny Only, which jeopardizes their campaigning, also added that they have obtained copyright permission from Johnny Only before.

Baby Shark 7 6 billion views ranked top 1 in the world but has a copyright secret that few people know so far can not judge | Internet

Pinkfong brought back the song and “molded” to become a perfect version of both the music and the image.

A few months later, Johnny Only also filed a damages claim with the South Korean court. The lawsuit requires the company SmartStudy to pay 5 million won for plagiarizing his song. The SmartStudy side tries hard to reject the plagiarism claim. This company claims that the song is refreshing from a traditional children’s song, so it does not infringe copyright.

The first hearing is scheduled to take place on January 31, 2020. However, Johnny Only’s side abandoned the lawsuit. It is known that the US side is preparing to file a new lawsuit to demand a larger amount.

However, up to now, the case is still in a “half-hearted” state: the lawsuit has not taken place yet, whoever belongs to music is unknown.

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