Australia’s wildfires reveal an ancient, more than 6,000-year-old aquatic system of ancient Aboriginal people

The Budj Bim is located in southwestern Victoria and a series of canals and lakes where Gunditjmara people caught eel. In 2019, this place was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

But after a wildfire in December and just under control last week, scientists have discovered a special aquatic system hidden under vegetation. It is said to be part of an aquaculture system built by indigenous people. The entire structure of this system is visible to the naked eye at the fire site.

Gunditjmara was one of the indigenous groups who lived in the southern region of Victoria before the arrival of Europeans.

Denis Rose, project manager of the nonprofit Gunditj Mirring Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation, said he was not interested in whether the outbreak would affect the system.

Share with ABC, he said, there may have been many fires happening here thousands of years ago. Rose emphasized: “Our main concern is the impact after the fire and we still have a lot of work to do. We care about the trees, especially the taller ones growing in and around the trap system. eel and even damaged trees “.

It is expected that archaeologists and indigenous rangers will have a survey around the area, and take aerial photos using specialized tools.

Rose said the finding was positive, but fortunately the fire did not cause as much damage as many other areas in Australia. Fire only burned down the vegetation below instead of burning the forest.

Australia s wildfires reveal an ancient more than 6 000 year old aquatic system of ancient Aboriginal people | Explore

Scientists said the landscape in Australia is being permanently changed due to the forest fire crisis in this country. And the cause is nothing other than climate change.

The Australian government recently said it would provide financial aid to the country’s tourism industry, which has been hit hard by the effects of prolonged forest fires. Although the rains have somewhat reduced the damage, according to tourism agencies in Australia, the consequences of forest fires have caused the industry to nearly $ 1 billion.

It is estimated that more than 29 people have died from wildfires and billions of dead animals.

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