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Au Mix officially opened, crowded players right from the first moment

Au Mix is the latest dance, fashion game from NPH VTC Game. Highly appreciated from before, Au Mix is ​​expected to be a new storm sweeping the casual dancing market by the end of February.

It was announced to open for players from 10:00 but in fact, right from the previous time, players have rushed into Au Mix to create a bustling atmosphere everywhere.

Shortly thereafter, the chat channels of Au Mix were operating at full capacity, extremely noisy. Not only that, everyone feels excited for the great experiences that Au Mix has to offer. New features such as photo chat, pikachu minigame, candy crush are also loved by gamers, eager to participate.

The atmosphere in Au Mix’s Hoi Hoi group is also hot, topics that recruit memes into fam, share secrets, find soulmates are constantly posted. Besides, Au Mix also received a flood of compliments from players for the graphics, music and features that are so great!

Au Mix officially opened crowded players right from the first moment | Mobile & Social

Possessing 4 strange and familiar dance modes: Beat, Bubble, Rhythm and 3K combined with top-notch 3D graphics, crisp and smooth to every detail has brought gamers moments of fun most uplifting. Not only that, with a variety of unique features such as crossroads, arenas, fashion workshops or souvenirs – a special social network exclusively for Au Mix gamers makes players extremely excited.

Au Mix officially opened crowded players right from the first moment | Mobile & Social

However, besides the rain of compliments, Au Mix also received some complaints from players such as heavy game capacity, accounting for 1.3G and high configuration requirements (Iphone 5S and above) that made some games Player had trouble loading. However, with superior quality in terms of graphics, sound and gameplay, Au Mix has been predicted “certainly not light” from before.

Overall, Au Mix brings a perfect and smooth experience. From the diverse fashion store, diverse dance modes to outstanding social features, Au Mix is ​​expected to continue storming and leading the casual dancing market for mobile.

Download link: [ Æsir Tales ]

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