Attention gamers: Genshin Impact has a hack

Launched at the end of September, Genshin Impact immediately became one of the hottest games in the world as well as in Vietnam. With the new gameplay, along with 100% free play, the game has captured the hearts of gamers and promises to be the outstanding game of this year 2020.

Despite this success, but like many other games, Genshin Impact cannot avoid hacking, cheat. Reality has shown that after only a few days of launch, this game also started to appear cheating.

With the third part interfering with the game, players can speed up the progress by increasing the amount of Stamina, removing cooldowns, removing transitions, maximizing attack speed, maxing skill levels …

Even knowing that with a game without PvP like Genshin Impact, hacking and cheating by another player will not affect the experience of true gamers. However, the hacking, cheat situation will also make many people pay attention, especially players who have transactions to buy / sell acc. If you accidentally buy an account that has used hacking, it is entirely possible that the publisher locked your account.

Attention gamers Genshin Impact has a hack | PC/Console

At the moment, Genshin Impact is really hot and attracts many gamers to join. However, you should pay attention when making transactions with other players. This is conduct that is not protected by law and the publisher. If you encounter a fraud, it is possible to be scammed and lose money. Be careful and alert in all cases.

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