Attendance 8 times Son Goku was executed

Death has never brought an end to the popular manga “Dragon Ball”, but that doesn’t mean it has no major consequences. When one of the main characters dies, Toriyama always tries to get into it a little “phosphorus”. Needless to say, Chan-Xiu was also “executed” in a memorable way. Naturally, the Dragon Ball Z has always appeared in this series to be able to bring back the dead from heaven.

Goku is not an exception either, even though he has died … almost a dozen times. The monarch’s deaths have always been a staple in the original storylines, as well as recent versions like GT, Super and Online. Here we will review the times when Goku was executed.

8. Heart stopped beating due to Piccolo Daimao

Attendance 8 times Son Goku was executed | Explore

“Fiendish Fiend” Piccolo Daimao, with his power stopped Goku’s small heart when he was a child. Although only killed in a moment – and his heart was revived – but this still counts as one of the “heart-stopping” moments of the readers. What a way to tell a true story … suspiciously, this was only the only time Toriyama “half-killed” a character.

7. Sacrifice his life to eliminate Raditz

Attendance 8 times Son Goku was executed | Explore

The first time Goku truly dies is one of the most shocking moments in the original series – when he sacrifices himself to kill his evil brother. When Raditz “locked the neck”, Piccolo used the death ray “Makankosappo”, a powerful technique that requires high concentration to pierce both of them. A truly heroic moment and leave many impressions for the readers.

6. Victims of heart virus

Attendance 8 times Son Goku was executed | Explore

The future is not so kind for Son Goku – after defeating Freeza and becoming a legendary Super Saiyan – he suffers from heart disease on Earth. After eight stories, Trunks reveals that Goku himself will have to die in the future, a reminder that he also cannot escape death.

The lack of Goku has made our heroes have a hard fight against artificial intelligence robots. Although by this time, he had known the ultimate teleport technique and the room of time, it was difficult to rely on the help of the monkey king from heaven.

5. Sacrificing his life to kill Xen Hung Hung

Attendance 8 times Son Goku was executed | Explore

Arguably the most deadly death in the series, sacrificing himself once again shows the kindness of this hero. However, he also sacrificed both Kaio and the Bubbles monkey for … immediately teleporting the beetle bomb to them.

This was considered a stop for Goku for a long time, but he was still “revived” by painter Toriyama and brought back in the main character.

4. Online: Fighting to death with Vegeta

Attendance 8 times Son Goku was executed | Explore

Akira Toriyama is the creator of Dragon Ball Online’s timeline, and it also determines the fate of several characters. For fans, the most important is Vegeta and Goku, a friendship “Frenemies” – from enemies to friends. When they realized that they were old and out of date, Goku and Vegeta decided to go out to space to compete one last time.

And from then on, we never hear from them anymore – an end to our longtime friendship and “enemy”. Naturally, because this death belongs to Dragon Ball Online, it is often not mentioned in the discussions of readers.

3. Super: Executed by Goku Black

Attendance 8 times Son Goku was executed | Explore

Toriyama seems to enjoy having him removed from the Dragon Ball series – even if this is a parallel universe. Unable to bear the idea that an ordinary person could resist the immortals, Zamasu learned all of Goku’s powers, changed his body with him, and killed instantly. He didn’t even overlook Goten and Chi Chi in the anime version.

This is probably one of Goku’s most unpleasant deaths. In just a blink of an eye, he was physically transformed with Zamasu and died at the hands of a new bad guy – Goku Black. Sometimes the only way to defeat Goku … is to become Goku.

2. Super: Killed by Hit

Attendance 8 times Son Goku was executed | Explore

Dragon Ball Super may not be one of the good storylines, but the overall structure of the episodes is very stable – the lighter episodes still have the same thrilling content and plot as the main episodes. One such story about Hit is also a good example for the development of multiple stories in the same universe.

When hired Hit to be able to kill Goku, he also had the opportunity to test the talent of this assassin – an early question with the answer. Naturally, the monkey king also knew of his death, and it wasn’t long until he was back.

1. GT: Be “deified”

Attendance 8 times Son Goku was executed | Explore

In the final battle of Dragon Ball GT, something mysterious happened. Goku – after being killed, is back with “Despair Ball” (Genki Dama). From here, there is something very ethereal, as if Goku is a god, existing on everyone around him.

At first, this was considered to be the complete ending for one of the most popular manga of the time, and also as a goodbye to the fans of Toriyama. When Vegeta tells Pan to appreciate the traces Goku has left, fans can also somewhat understand the feeling when his favorite manga series comes to an end.

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