Attack on Titan: Why are everyone on Armin’s side against Eren?

Remember in Attack on Titan, when Armin has only Progress in his hand Eren but with a bold mind and great tactical perspective, he always leads everything to success. Because Armin himself didn’t see the Future, he could always see a bigger picture.

Destroy the world, destroy all civilization as well as knowledge, kill everyone but the original will not change, the 2000 year history is still there and it will repeat at any time. right here on this island. Another generation followed and repeated the tragedy and the loop that did not end forever.

Armin does not allow himself to be like this. If you destroy the world, someone will say you are miserable and genocide, and if you protect the world, someone will tell you to betray, be kind and fake. create, and you protect the right, conscience, no matter what anyone says, you keep on your way and there will be people who understand and follow you even if those people are your enemies. more.

Armin had the pieces and the essentials for a bold strategy that only Armin could think of. Even when the stressful Connie was determined to bring Falco out to his Titan mother so complicated and could cause such a loss of solidarity, yet Armin dared to risk his life to jump into Connie’s mother’s mouth to prove what There, and then finally Connie returned to mind, returning with everyone, even leading the team to meet the old enemy Reiner and Amrin to defeat Eren together.

Attack on Titan Why are everyone on Armin s side against Eren | Manga/Film

Armin solves the problem in a way that not everyone can think of, you may not be smart enough to grasp, as well as understand Armin, but if you are an observant character like Hange or Erwin, you’ll realize that Armin can always surprise you from time to time but never expose it all but always keeps his own secret weapon, cleverly concealing it, like how Armin and Eren were able to defeat the ancient Titan Fury in Bertolt’s hands.

Many readers don’t like this character by not standing on the same line as Eren, and always think Armin is a woman, this guy is useless, what can he do, a fake benevolent thing, dead already. It’s always been, then you realize everything is not what you think.

Attack on Titan Why are everyone on Armin s side against Eren | Manga/Film

Ask yourself, why did Eren turn himself into a Devil, dirtying his hands for the people he loved but no one could understand him. Armin, when necessary, was always weak and did not dare to make a decision because of fear of responsibility but eventually everyone followed Armin despite knowing that Eren did so that they and the island could live like a jelly table.

Many readers must be surprised to see Ymir in the past agree to follow the warrior team back to Marley and return the Titan Titan power to Pokko, while if she is selfish, she can stay in Paradis with Historia. to live the life she wants.

But humans, not everyone can be so selfish. Not everyone can live without the guilt of conscience, knowing that his life is beaten to the lives of others. Ymir is a testament to that, no matter how much she wants Historia to live for herself, but in the end, what Historia recognizes from Ymir, is that Ymir cannot be selfish to live for. herself, then how could Historia do that to herself.

Attack on Titan Why are everyone on Armin s side against Eren | Manga/Film

So you know, not everyone can live a happy, free and happy life, knowing that it is at the expense of the lives of others, especially innocent people. And the members who are following Armin are the same people. Even knowing that the massacre that Eren was about to do was entirely beneficial to them, they could not accept that great human crime.

All other human attributes are caused by cause and cause, as are all things and things in heaven and on earth, human beings are evil and unjust, silver, for which reason man wants to be considered “cause” must have cause, meaning there must be conscience.

Eren was able to throw away his conscience, becoming a monster to protect Paradis. But his friends and former teammates could not accept the new life at such a hefty price. That is also the reason why Armin has the trust of everyone, and for Eren now only the Jeager faction is executing those who oppose him are with him.

Attack on Titan Why are everyone on Armin s side against Eren | Manga/Film

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