Attack on Titan: The true meaning of the female Titan’s power to copy (part 2)

Combine Titan marrow to create different strength

In chapter 133, when Falco asked if it was possible that one holder of Titan powers could acquire the properties of another Titan by absorbing a portion of them, and Annie confirmed it. Before diving into the ability to “copy, emulate” other Titan abilities that Annie says is something that the Female Titan makes it easy, let’s look back at the details that show “combining” the power These Titans actually existed a long time ago, and now Annie herself has confirmed it with her readers.

First and foremost, it is the fact that Annie, the Beast of Zeke, and Eren’s Titan Attack, can harden a part of the body with the same material as the Iron Armor Titan – Reiner Braun. What can this detail confirm with what we are wondering?

As you can see, there should be only one Titan capable of body-building that could be able to do it, which was the Iron Armor Titan, so why did almost all of Marley’s other Titan warriors are you can do it and the Titans of Paradis you can’t? The answer is most likely because Marley had allowed their other Titans to “absorb” the marrow of the Armored Titan in order to enhance the combat capabilities of the warrior squadron.

Attack on Titan The true meaning of the female Titan s power to copy part 2 | Manga/Film

This is demonstrated and clearly demonstrated through the two most obvious cases that is Eren’s Titan Attack and Ymir’s Titan Jaw. When the Scouts learned of the Titans’ hardening abilities, they hoped that Eren’s Titan Attack could do the same and tried to train but was completely hopeless. Only in the Reiss cave, when Rod’s Titan chemical tool bag falls off and Eren sees and drinks the bottle of the liquid that says “ARMOR” (or rather, Braun Armor), then from then on Eren was able to activate her hardening ability, and harden even to a greater extent than that of the Female Shadow or Armor.

Attack on Titan The true meaning of the female Titan s power to copy part 2 | Manga/Film

So it can be speculated that the potion is nothing more than a bottle of Titan marrow from Iron Armor Titan, and is kept for use whenever someone inherits the Titan power. It’s only a pity that Eren instead of his heart … devours the whole vessel, so he can not only materialize a part of his body, but also create gigantic constructions with his magic layer, something that so far only Titan Hammer War could do it.

The second case is the Titan Jaw in Ymir’s hands. When Ymir wields the power of Titan, her Titan Jaw form looks very bizarre, unbalanced, and especially has no “armor”. But when we return to Marley and was inherited by Porco, we can easily see that difference with the outer armor of the Jaw, with sharp claws, easily scratching the crystalized layer of the Titan Hammer War.

Attack on Titan The true meaning of the female Titan s power to copy part 2 | Manga/Film

The answer to this difference lies in the difference in the type of solution Porco and Ymir used to Titan, one for warriors, and the other for sinners exiled to Heaven Island, With the same “armor” solution as the other Titan warriors, it’s not hard for us to see how much better Porco’s Titan Jaw is better suited to fight than in Ymir’s hands.

Female Image may be a key point in preventing Shock

In other words, the Titans can completely “absorb” part or exactly of each other’s Titan marrow to inherit part of the Titan’s power and ability. However, not all Titan can do this and not all specific abilities can be imitated, for example, Titan Titan cannot be accompanied by hardening like Titan Armor, or growing feathers like The Titan Beast, or Iron Armor Titan could not explode or evaporate like a torch similar to Great Form.

Attack on Titan The true meaning of the female Titan s power to copy part 2 | Manga/Film

It was Annie who confirmed that while this was possible, and the Image Queen could do it easily (more than the other Titans), so Marley tried to force Annie to swallow everything to experiment with her powers. Force can happen, but not all abilities can be regenerated. As in the case of the young Falco, due to transforming into Titan from Zeke’s marrow, or in other words, the marrow of Beast Titan, his Titan form when eating Titan Jaw also has the characteristics of the Beast, when it had both winged feathers and hawk claws and shark jaws, far from any previous form of Jaw in Ymir, Porco or Marcel.

Attack on Titan The true meaning of the female Titan s power to copy part 2 | Manga/Film

We know that Falco and Gabi decided to try to “fly” to the battlefield to fight together, and the kids somehow managed to convince both Lady Kiyomi and Annie to join forces in the final fight with Eren and others. other people. Temporarily don’t care if they get to Eren and Armin’s place because that will inevitably happen, but think if what Annie says is correct, then she will most likely play the role. is very important in stopping Eren’s Shock in case if she can “eat” part of Eren in order to try to “copy” the Titan of the Original Titan’s powers.

Remember, the Original Titan has never been in Marley’s hands for more than 100 years, so they never had a chance to try for Annie to “swallow” the Marley Titan’s marrow fluid. It would be interesting if Annie’s Female Image this time could eat a portion of Eren’s Titan and simulate a small portion of the original Titan, it would be very interesting.

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