Attack on Titan: Floch may be directly related to Historia’s pregnancy

Originally a supporting character, appearing in chapters as the Reconnaissance Army is about to recapture Maria, Floch Forster has gradually become an extremely important character of the series, as well as playing a key role in many events of the Attack on Titan.

Floch Forster was a soldier of the Legion Reconnaissance, part of the 100 soldiers who participated in the campaign to retake the bloody Maria as well as one of the only soldiers who survived that battle, along with Hange. , Levi as well as members of the 104 team.

When the truth about the outside world was revealed through diaries left by Grisha Jeager, Floch, like many of the other Eldia in Paradis, expressed deep hatred for the outside world. For Floch, his ideal was that the world beyond the ocean needed to be destroyed so that the Paradis Empire could revive from the ashes, once again dominating the whole world like history before. here. Because of this strong belief, Floch attracted Eren’s attention, and thus he became Eren’s closest retainer on the way to destroy the world.

Attack on Titan Floch may be directly related to Historia s pregnancy | Manga/Film

This is an extremely important detail, especially when you realize, no one but Floch knows about Eren’s true plan, as well as Eren only believing in Floch alone and not anyone. even his teammates and friends. Floch knew about Eren’s plan to preempt Marley in Liberio, and he took that opportunity to kill as many innocent Eldia people there as possible to avenge Paradis.

Later, when Floch returned, he drew many members from the Reconnaissance Army to form the Jeager Party, Eren’s believers and the way to rule the world to support him. By manipulating both the people outside and the internal military inside, Floch helped Eren eliminate the heads of the government apparatus such as Commander Darius Zackly, Commander Pixis, Commander of the Nile Police Force. like all the other members. Even if it wasn’t for Hange’s quick wit, both Levi and Hange were shot dead by Floch in order to eliminate the threat to those who could oppose Eren.

Attack on Titan Floch may be directly related to Historia s pregnancy | Manga/Film

Not only that, Floch also knew about Zeke’s plan to use his spleen because it was a conspiracy and secret plan that Zeke had ordered Yelena and the Jeager Faction to carry out in secret. It should be noted that not every Volunteer Army knows about Zeke’s plague plan, nor does every Jeager Party member knows about it. Only those who are among Zeke and Eren’s closest subordinates like Yelena and Floch and a few others can gain the trust of the two Jeager brothers.

Attack on Titan Floch may be directly related to Historia s pregnancy | Manga/Film

Floch could even be considered a higher level of trust, because Eren had originally intended to use Zeke’s royal blood to fully seize the power of the Titan. When Floch received Eren’s orders to find Zeke, Floch acted as a spy in a convincing way by showing his wholeheartedly devoted service to Zeke, but once Eren’s plan was successful, Floch immediately instantly turning to death Zeke’s subordinates, even threatening Jean’s life when insulting Jean openly in front of Mikasa, bluntly declaring that on behalf of Eren, Floch was the one who took control of the current Paradis. in. Everything was revealed to Ech by Eren 10 months ago.

This also makes a very relevant hypothesis for events occurring in the past 10 months, which is equally important as Historia’s pregnancy. According to Paradis’ leadership, once Zeke lands on the island, he will be immediately eaten by Historia. Of course if that were to happen, Zeke’s plan to take advantage of Zeke’s royal blood to make the Jeager family’s time-traveling trip back to the past would fail, and the future Eren saw might not can happen.

Attack on Titan Floch may be directly related to Historia s pregnancy | Manga/Film

So the first prerequisite is to protect Zeke’s life when they all return to Paradis from the battle at Marley, and the best way to do that is to put Historia into a situation she couldn’t turn. Titan to eat Zeke meat, or here is the guarantee for Historia to be pregnant when Zeke set foot on the island. Historia’s pregnancy plays an important role in drawing enough time for Eren to execute his Zeke betrayal plan.

With that possibility, there are two possible cases. First, it was the farmer who was the father of Historia, and a loyal member of the Jeager Sect, Floch trusted to arrange to protect Historia. Or maybe Floch was the father of Historia, and the farmer who was a member of the Jeager was told to protect Historia. Of course, it all gave Eren enough time to carry out his own plan with Zeke.

Attack on Titan Floch may be directly related to Historia s pregnancy | Manga/Film

Returning to the identity of the child’s father, officials could only verify that he was an anonymous farmer living on Historia’s farm, but whether Historia became pregnant plays an important part in Eren’s plan with Zeke thus, could a loyal man like Floch be more involved? The chances are high, especially when Floch has shown time and again that he is willing to do everything to help Eren destroy the world, even to chase Levi and Hange.

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