Attack on Titan: Although doing the Vibration to destroy the world, but Eren’s purpose is much higher than that?

In Attack on Titan, Eren had planned in a very sophisticated way and would likely have followed Lelouch’s path but was more tragic. Besides, tThe evil also directs our empathy more to Eren than to the World. So many people will justify Eren’s actions in as many ways as possible.

First argument, Eren destroys the world because he wants to save the people on Paradis. But are all the islanders worth the protection? And a person who foresaw the future like Eren went to do the act of genocide to protect the people who lived on the island that he was born, right?

The second argument, Eren destroys the world because to save the people he loves, his friends and teammates. But now that their teammates have turned their backs on Eren, they don’t need you to protect them like that?

With the current situation, Armin felt that being resurrected was not happy, he always carried the burden of Erwin’s death and that feeling was not pleasant. Still Connie also realized that if he revived his mother, what would the person born to him think when she returned to being human by eating the flesh of a child or a friend of her son? Will she be happy and happy and be proud of her child?

Two justifications about Eren genocide to save the people on the island, or to save teammates, friends, relatives are quite reluctant. Actually, that plan had been cherished for a long time by Eren, before the massacre in Liberio. He waited for Willy Tybur to finish his speech about Paradise being a threat and Eren being a terrorist before Eren would appear and be massacred. During the massacre, Eren did not forget to reveal and declare “I am Eren Yeager”.

Attack on Titan Although doing the Vibration to destroy the world but Eren s purpose is much higher than that | Manga/Film

After being given full power by Ymir, Eren announced that he would plow the world and not forget to leave his full name: “My people of Ymir, I am Eren Yeager. As if to tell everyone what happened. So far, it’s my doing, this Eren Yeager. ”

Sometimes because Eren sees the future, he knows his teammates will stand up to him and the rest is to act like it. Fight with your teammates in front of the whole world out there. To show the world that these “evil” people are not all bad. They stand up to protect the world and humanity outside the wall, even though that action is against the person who wants to do everything for them to be free.

Attack on Titan Although doing the Vibration to destroy the world but Eren s purpose is much higher than that | Manga/Film

Those were not enough to deceive the world, as well as to erase the world’s hatred for the people on Paradise Island, which is why Eren founded the Yeager faction. This party takes Eren’s last name and shows the world that the people on Paradise Island are not evil, they are only victims of a government manipulated by the Yeager Party. Should there be hatred, it will only count with the Yeager faction.

All that’s left is the negotiation skills of Armin and Hange. Eren did everything just to draw lines for those people to negotiate more easily. Eren will still benefit anyway, whether his plan will succeed or fail. With an excuse Paradise is only a victim of the Yeager government, and his teammate Eren’s stand against him to save the world will open the door of future peace negotiations.

Attack on Titan Although doing the Vibration to destroy the world but Eren s purpose is much higher than that | Manga/Film

As for whether the world is merciless to destroy the Eldians or the Paradise, the answer is that if Paradise and Eldian have good people and bad people, the world will be the same. Besides also Azumabito family or the nation of volunteers, just for mutual benefit, they are willing to help Paradise, friendly handshakes and play with the Eldian blood of Devil.

Therefore, it can be concluded that the outside world is not as bad as many people think. As for the images of Eldian who are discriminated and oppressed in the story, most of them come from the Marley people more than the world and it is only a few, it is not possible because of that the whole world is cruel and cruel. OK.

If you see a tragic future, then you only need to do the opposite of what you see, you can hope to change the future. If Zeke succeeds in sterilizing the Eldian people, it could cause Paradise and Eren to fall into tragedy. Therefore, Eren must oppose Zeke and perform the Vibration to enter the world because from now on everything is not at Zeke’s will, but at Eren’s will.

Attack on Titan Although doing the Vibration to destroy the world but Eren s purpose is much higher than that | Manga/Film

Because of Zeke’s way, the future that Eren and Grisha see is extremely tragic. Just do the opposite of Zeke and follow the way of Eren will succeed. But that was too cruel so Grisha asked Zeke to stop Eren, but he didn’t know Eren was just acting. Eren will not destroy the world, kill innocent people and children, but the main cause is because of Carla, his mother.

Eren said in Coordinate about not supporting Zeke’s sterilization plan, because he was born, that’s all. In the past, Carla also once said about Eren to Shadis that it doesn’t have to be special, it doesn’t need to be great, because it was born great and special.

Eren doesn’t need friends to sympathize or understand him, the world sees him as an enemy, as a devil. Because Eren doesn’t need to be a hero in the eyes of the nation or the world, mWhy peace for all, even if you become a devil you do.

Therefore, the best way to justify Eren is to treat him as a human being, not a demon. As the protagonist of a series, the reason and actions of Eren certainly cannot be of great significance.

According to Nguyen Huynh / Shingeki No Kyojin: Attack On Titan Vietnam Fan Club

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