At home in his spare time, Marvel fans went online to argue which is the best battle in the MCU, the battle of Endgame is not the best.

Before the complicated situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, a series of studios were forced to postpone the schedule of many blockbusters this summer, and temporarily suspend production of some new projects until the situation gets better. . Marvel is no exception when the opening movie for the MCU phase 4, Black Widow, has had to cancel its premiere on April 30 and cannot set a time for its official release. The entire Disney + series was also delayed because of Covid-19.

In order to maintain interaction with fans who are also quarantined at home to avoid the disease, Marvel Studios recently tweeted and discussed with fans what the best battle in 23 films of MCU. This topic has attracted a lot of attention from the online community. Each one has an idea, but thanks to that, we realize that the MCU has so many thrilling, epic and spectacular moments in over a decade of operation.

Endgame includes a lot of fascinating battles, but this epic scene is not the number one.

The battle that received the most likes on Twitter was the solo performance between Wanda Maximoff and Thanos in Avengers: Endgame. Wanda first appeared in the MCU through the film Age of Ultron and also participated in many fierce battles with the Avengers. However, this is the first time the audience has seen how powerful the character is when she can beat Thanos and almost kill the crazy Titan. Before, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has also indirectly asserted that Wanda is the strongest Avengers not Thor or Captain Marvel as many fans argue.

The battle between Scarlet Witch and Thanos is considered by many fans to be the most attractive in 23 MCU movies.

Captain America is also very popular with fans when his name is constantly appearing in this tweet. The first is a solo with his best friend Bucky Barnes in The Winter Soldier, then a hand-to-hand fight with Iron Man in Civil War, and of course it is impossible to miss the moment to lift the Mjolnir hammer and confront Thanos in End game. Cap is also the one who constantly leads the Avengers in numerous clash battles, typically Wakanda’s battle in Infinity War and the classic “Assemble” scene in Endgame. Although not as many favorites as Wanda, it is clear that Captain America is still a character who has too many team burden and memorable scenes in the MCU.

Captain America has also participated in many 1: 1 battles with the enemy and with the Avengers.

The debate continued with many other memorable battles, such as when Spider-Man was “tortured” in the virtual world of Mysterio in Far From Home, or the crown battle between Black Panther and Killmonger. Doctor Strange also has his own shining moments, especially when confronting Thanos in Infinity War.

The battle with the hacked brain of Spider-Man and Mysterio also left many impressions in the audience.

The controversy is so, but Marvel fans are not short of salt with a series of trolls could not help laughing.

For example, the scene of Hulk 1 hand throwing Loki up and down the field in this first Avengers part.

The Thor brothers, Loki always bring a lot of laughter to the audience, especially when using the “Get Help” in Ragnarok.

Rocket is also pretty cool when solo with … bushes along the roadside in Guardians of Galaxy Vol.1.

If you feel bored staying home all day, you can also contribute to this topic Official Marvel Studios Twitter. In addition, this is also a good opportunity for us to plow 23 parts of the film in the first 3 phases of the MCU, certainly there are still many fascinating moments that fans temporarily can not remember.

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