Ask for fun: Galaxy S20 Ultra 6.9-inch screen, Nexus 7 7-inch screen, which means the two screens are the same big?

After Apple unveiled the iPad, one of the first steps for Android manufacturers was to unveil the cheap tablet screen. From Amazon Fire to Nexus 7, the 7-inch size became a symbol in the Android tablet market in the first half of the 2010s.

But as smartphones increasingly “swell”, the status of the tablet is gradually disappearing. Recently, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S20 Ultra, which measures up to 6.9 inches. Will that number bring the S20 Ultra into the same territory as the Nexus 7, and will 6.9-inch smartphones threaten Apple’s 7.9-inch iPad Mini?

The answer may surprise you.

At 6.9 inches, the Galaxy S20 Ultra is the non-folding smartphone with the largest screen available today.

First, note that the manufacturer only announced the diagonal size, not the actual display area. Based on the Pythagoras formula we learn in the secondary days, in there CD is the length, cr is width and dc is the diagonal size:

cd ^ 2 + cr ^ 2 = dc ^ 2

The length and width of a screen can be calculated based on the aspect ratio. With the Galaxy S20 Ultra, this number is 20: 9, so:

cd ^ 2 + (cd * 9/20) ^ 2 = (6.9) ^ 2


cd ^ 2 = 47.61 / (481/400)

Continuing this calculation, you will calculate the screen length of the Galaxy S20 Ultra will be 6.3 inches. The screen size of such a Galaxy S20 Ultra will be around 6.3in x 2.83in (rounded).

Ask for fun Galaxy S20 Ultra 6 9 inch screen Nexus 7 7 inch screen which means the two screens are the same big | Phone

Has the S20 Ultra display area reached the level of “small” tablets?

Using the same formula above, the actual size of the Nexus 7 screen is 5.94in x 3.71in (note that this tablet uses 16:10 aspect ratio).

Bring 2 display areas divided, you will see The screen of the Nexus 7 is 23% larger than the Galaxy S20 Ultra screen, although the diagonal is only 0.1 inch apart.

You may have realized that a more “square” screen would result in a larger display area on the same diagonal indicator. The actual size of the iPad Mini screen is 6.3in x 4.74 inches. The display area of ​​such a 7.9-inch iPad Mini is 67% larger than that of the Galaxy S20 Ultra, although the diagonal is only an inch more.

Ask for fun Galaxy S20 Ultra 6 9 inch screen Nexus 7 7 inch screen which means the two screens are the same big | Phone

Not really beating the tablet in size but the S20 Ultra still deserves a screen masterpiece from Samsung.

Thus, in the end, the display area of ​​the tablet is still much larger than a smartphone, even though today’s phones have approached the tablet in terms of diagonal length. On the other hand, a manufacturer that is constantly improving screens like Samsung is also commendable: the screen area, this year’s top Galaxy model is one and a half (48%) more than the giant “Galaxy Note”. ” what year. Samsung’s display technology has really come a long way, and users have never enjoyed a large mobile space within a slim body like this year.

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