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Ash Ketchum and the worst of this guy in Pokémon games

For the past 20 years, Ash Ketchum has been adventureing in the Pokémon world on his journey to becoming the best, although in reality this guy does not lack the expression that makes people think Ash will be an “average student “.

Is the protagonist of a most favorite cartoon movie; one of the most successful multimedia brands of all time – second only to a giant mouse that can shoot lightning – Ash is still a guy who is sometimes so bad that it surprises everyone. And these are the most terrible things Ash Ketchum has ever done.

Did not learn anything to be a good Pokémon trainer

One of Ash’s most annoying flaws is so well known that it became a joke of the fans: he was unbelievably bad when he became a Pokémon trainer.

In one respect, that is quite understandable. After all, Ash Ketchum was a child. Therefore, the fact that he needs to be explained in simple terms about the world around him is just one way to impress the audience. In addition, despite participating in a long-running series that featured 992 episodes and 24 films, Ash is still only ten years old – which means that every day of Ash’s life corresponds to an average of three episodes. cartoon. With so many things going on, it means he might be overwhelmed.

However, the first thing we know about Ash is that becoming a Pokémon Master is the only thing he wants. If you’re planning to spend your entire life on a single goal, you’ll probably be bothered to learn at least a few things about it. However, even the simplest things like “the grass will burn when meeting fire” seem to slip out of his head without leaving any impression. He once had to ask his Pokédex what Koffing was after seeing at least three times Team Rocket attacked, and even Ash’s’ Dex once called him an idiot. That is quite harsh, but the reality is that Ash Ketchum refuses to do anything or the least effort to learn something.

Can not distinguish the difference between women and Pokémon

Ash Ketchum and the worst of this guy in Pok mon games | Game Online

Ironically, Ash doesn’t seem to understand the world of Pokémon either. In “Dig These Diglett”, when Ash confronts former rival Gary Oak, he also meets Gary’s fan club: six young girls. following him cheering him on who really succeeds in things that Ash often has to struggle or achieve by luck. Naturally, Ash had a question, but that wasn’t “how do you get those strange badges that I’ve never seen before” or even “how can I win a battle?” ? ”

Instead, Ash looked at the six women in front of him and asked “Are they Pokémon?”

To be fair, this question is not so foolish in that context. In the end, Ash lived in a world where everything from chandeliers to ice creams could stand up and start a fight, and with weirdos like Mr. Mime out there running around, sometimes it’s hard to believe in the obvious. In addition, the 6 girls also make people think of Pokémon: six of them go with a coach and they also have limited conversations. But whatever the reason, you might agree that Ash is … pretty dumb.

Caused Pikachu to be injured in a sleazy manner

Ash Ketchum and the worst of this guy in Pok mon games | Game Online

Although the start was quite difficult, Pikachu and Ash developed a long-lasting friendship, which is especially impressive when you consider that it rarely happens in a relationship that begins with one side using a rope. tying the other side. Usually, you should at least have a warm dinner and watch some movies together before going to the friendship milestone.

However, things do not always go smoothly. Once again, Ash’s longing for victory overcame any lessons of friendship when he encountered Lieutenant Surge at the Vermilion City Gym. As his name suggests, Surge is an expert in Electric-type Pokemon, and instead of catching a Rock-type Pokemon to his advantage – or even borrowing a Pokemon from Brock, who was right there – Ash decided. intending to throw Pikachu into the game and leave it to chance. Not surprisingly, Pikachu was trampled on by Raichu, bruised so badly that he had to lie in a hospital bed. Ash sat next to him and … swung Thunderstone in front of the poor Pokemon.

To be fair, Ash told Pikachu that he didn’t want his friend to evolve into Raichu if he didn’t want to. However, he also spent a few minutes earlier to complain about how they could win if Pikachu tried harder, while sitting next to his injured Pokémon on the hospital bed. Treating your friend like that is a bit bad, Ash Ketchum.

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