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As of 2020, these are still the best mobile offline games in history

Currently, mobile games are becoming more and more popular and there are too many choices for gamers. Most of the time, today’s popular games will require gamers to have a network connection such as PUBG Mobile or Free Fire. However, in the absence of an internet connection, gamers can still kill time by experiencing mobile game products offline.

Below is a list of titles offline mobile game worth playing first, by mid 2020 that gamers should try. These names are sure to bring the same excitement as online mobile games.

Life Is Strange

For gamers who love offline game series Life Is Strange Not a strange game. This is a third-person adventure game developed by Square Enix. The player can redo anything that was done in the past by the time rewind mechanism.

Strange life set in fictional Arcadia Bay, Oregon in October 2013. Players will play the character Maxine “Max” Caulfield and begin the journey. strange adventure of this girl. The mission is to explore different locations, collect memory plaques, connect with NPCs.

When an event is rewind, the things the gamer has collected, the people the character has come into contact with will be kept. But, players need to be careful with their choices because they can affect the end of the game, which means, the player’s wrong choice will lead to bad consequences. The interesting thing about Life Is Strange is that.

Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3 is one Best offline mobile game Which gamers should try. Developed by Nekki, Shadow Fight 3 is an excellent action game. In this game, players can choose from 3 different factions with 3 different fighting styles. Depending on the player’s choice, Shadow Fight 3 will develop a fighting style and show the player’s personality through the character.

As of 2020 these are still the best mobile offline games in history | Mobile & Social

The interesting thing about this mobile game is that even though it is a fighting product, Shadow Fight 3 still has good story with compelling content that can please any player.

Assassin’s Creed Identity

Another game on the list Best offline mobile game This is Assassin’s Creed Identity. This game is released by Ubisoft Entertainment as an action adventure game for mobile platforms. The context of Assassin’s Creed Identity takes place during the Renaissance.

As of 2020 these are still the best mobile offline games in history | Mobile & Social

Gamers will be assassins with many special abilities and complete various missions from main to sub. With beautiful graphics and logical plot, Assassin’s Creed Identity can bring gamers satisfaction and experience. true game playc and best.

To The Moon

To The Moon is a mobile RPG game developed and published by Freebird Games in 2011. Although it has been released for 9 yearsBut for now it’s still the most exciting and rewarding mobile game to play, especially for those who are fans of offline games. Unlike other role-playing games, in To The Moon, there is no combat system or other common features of the RPG series.

As of 2020 these are still the best mobile offline games in history | Mobile & Social

This mobile game focuses on the life story of the main character, Johnny and the player must find ways to go into memory his. The task is to find parts of Johnny’s memories and connect them so you can reach the character’s childhood memories.

The player must know the story well in order to collect each part of Johnny’s memories, or objects attached to his life in different places to put together the pieces of memories to make Johnny believe. He has achieved his dream of going to the Moon.


Is the title horror adventure game was released by Night School Studio in 2016 for console systems, and it wasn’t until a year later that the game was officially released on Android / iOS.

Oxenfree tells about the adventures of a group of young people on an unusual island, they accidentally awaken one supernatural Ancient. Players will play the role of blue-haired Alex, accompanying her as a group of friends with her step-brother on a visit to Edwards Island, a mysterious island left over from World War II. It started when Alex and his two best friends Ren and Jonas explored the mysterious whispers of the radio.

As of 2020 these are still the best mobile offline games in history | Mobile & Social

A major incident happened after that, the group lost each other. From here Alex’s task is to find the remaining people and escape from the island. Throughout the game there will be only one tool to assist the player, which is a pocket radio. The game focuses a lot on the puzzle element, so players will have to use the radio to find useful instructions, based on which to successfully escape.

Since its launch, the game has been highly appreciated by professionals towering scores, Worth the price that players have to pay to buy this game.

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