As a teacher, livestream game night to raise money to buy lunch for students

Debt for lunch is an extremely serious problem in schools in the United States as the number of parents can not afford, money to pay for school lunch bills is increasing. It is estimated that nearly 30 million students in the US rely on free or reduced lunch, but some students who are not eligible for the free lunch program will pay up to $ 770 per year. for the school lunch bill.

When the COVID-19 pandemic left millions unemployed, many families were in a difficult situation and could not afford to pay their children’s lunch bills at school, resulting in “food loan arrears”. Lunch “above. McCarter, a German teacher at a high school in Oklahoma, said the bad situation was happening in the US.

“When I was in high school, sometimes I didn’t eat lunch because I didn’t want my family to pay too much. I would always skip lunch and wait until I got home.” McCarter shared with Kotaku. “In my classroom, I have some food in the closet when students don’t have lunch, I can at least help them fill up the meal. I know how fast it feels so bad.” come on. “

As a teacher livestream game night to raise money to buy lunch for students | PC/Console

Unable to let some of his students starve for lunch any longer, McCarter teacher recently realized that he could do more. Last week, he held a gaming marathon called All Kids Deserve To Eat 2020 on the live streaming platform Twitch to solicit charity from viewers. McCarter hopes to receive a $ 13,000 donation to completely erase the lunch debt of an elementary school in Ralston, Nebraska. In the end, All Kids Deserve To Eat 2020 raised McCarter a charity of up to $ 16,000, more than his initial estimate.

“I organized this event as something that people can sign up to watch within 24 hours.” McCarter said. “After the first livestream, the donate money went far beyond my wildest dreams of what we have outlined. So I continued the next livestream for 26 hours to continue calling for money to raise. “

As a teacher livestream game night to raise money to buy lunch for students | PC/Console

McCarter was delighted that the event had been such a great success, but it was a mix of sorrow and joy in McCarter’s mind: “In the end, in a rich country like the United States, having to hold a charity event like this is really unnecessary.” He hopes to promote progress in that direction by turning All Kids Deserve To Eat into a larger organization with annual events on the Twitch platform. “I will try and do my best. I always, always want to do my best for the children, because they are important to me and this world.”

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