Ariston Slim2 RS: Choice of safe Italian standard, suitable for small families this winter

Winter has come and it’s getting much colder, and now is the golden time to get a new hot and cold pot for the whole family. In dozens, hundreds of models, types of heater on the market, many people have known the products from Ariston – Italian brand with several decades of experience in this field.

One of the company’s trusted products is the Ariston Slim2 RS indirect heater. This product has a capacity of 20 liters, beautiful European standard design, modern with delicate lines to suit most of today’s interior styles.

In addition, the machine is emphasized on safety features, durability, and user-friendliness. Join us to find out, why this is an indirect heater that deserves in your family bathroom.

Specifications Ariston Slim2 RS 20L:

Capacity: 20 Liter

Capacity: 2.5kW

Power: 220V

Maximum working temperature: 80 ◦C

Maximum working pressure: 7.5Mpa

Intrusion protection index: IPX1

Net weight: 12 kg

Total weight: 14 kg

Dimensions: 704 x 282 x 301mm

Safety is the first factor to choose from

Like many Ariston series of hot and cold water heater, Slim2 RS is created with the most important principle of safety. Products are integrated with a series of technologies and exclusive features from Ariston to minimize the possible risks.

Typically among these is the synchronous safety system TSS available on all lines of Ariston heater. The system integrates 2 anti-electric shock and anti-burn functions, helping you to use hot water more comfortably. The structure of the system consists of 3 main parts:

– ELCB anti-shock junction: This bridge is capable of disconnecting the power supply in just 1/1000 seconds when there is a power leak. That is, even if there is a problem with the electrical system, the bathers are still completely assured of no shock.

TBST thermostat: Automatically monitors and calculates the condenser heating when the water reaches the preset temperature, avoiding burns and wasting hot water.

– Safety valve: Release the water pressure in the tank when the pressure exceeds the allowable level, helping the tank to increase longevity and avoid explosion.

Ariston Slim2 RS Choice of safe Italian standard suitable for small families this winter | Living

ELCB shock absorbers, TBST thermostats and safety valves are the three must-have elements in every Ariston heater to ensure user safety.

Over a period of use, we found that this product completely meets the safety requirements. In addition, because the water heating speed is very fast, only about 15 minutes is hot enough, so you do not have to shower and turn on the bottle.

Durable over the years

With products like a heater, investing in durability is also saving for the future. A good quality vase will limit the steps of maintenance, maintenance, repair or buying new many times.

Ariston water heater is famous in the industry for always using 100% copper heating rod, providing fast heating effect, anti-corrosion and anti-scale. Copper is a special metal with the advantage of a long service life, up more than 50% compared to conventional steel rods. When choosing to buy a heater, pay attention to the heating element because this is an important factor affecting product longevity and water quality used for the home.

Ariston Slim2 RS Choice of safe Italian standard suitable for small families this winter | Living

Compare the corrosion resistance of conventional rods with counterparts and titanium from Ariston.

Besides Slim2 RS, Ariston also has more premium lines with 100% titanium burner – the super durable metal that helps the heater have a super strong heart. By using 100% safe materials without nickel, Ariston’s pure copper or titanium burner not only preserves the life of the machine but also helps to ensure the quality of the water source.

Another important point that you need to pay attention to is the machine’s storage tank. The tank of the Ariston Slim2 RS is also enameled to help resist water corrosion, prevent dirt deposits, and at the same time prevent water leakage from the inside, ensuring maximum performance, helping to increase 50%. lifespan of the tank compared to traditional bottles.

Convenient, smart experience

Speaking of smart experiences, the unique Flexomix feature cannot be ignored. Ariston Slim2 RS Ariston has equipped the product with a design of a water inlet that mixes evenly with hot water according to European standards, allowing 10% more hot water than the same type of hot water heater. .

So after the experience, I find that Ariston’s products really provide more hot water for the same cooking time. Family of 3 – 4 people can shower comfortably in a row that only needs to cook once only.

Ariston Slim2 RS Choice of safe Italian standard suitable for small families this winter | Living

HDI is a high-density insulation layer to keep hot water longer, increase efficiency and reduce power consumption (Flower Picture).

In addition, between the tank and the outer shell is an HDI insulation made of Polyurethane with high molecular density and thickness, allowing to keep hot water for a long time, avoiding heat loss, and increasing efficiency. works and helps to save electricity effectively.

For everyone to understand, concrete examples, when the weather gets colder, the temperature difference between the outside environment and the hot water inside the machine will spend more electricity to heat the water. With HDI insulation, the bottle will limit this amount of heat generated, reduce power consumption and prolong the time to keep heat for the water inside.

In addition, the unique feature of Ariston products is that the actual capacity is always equal to the advertising volume, while with many other brands, the actual capacity is usually lower than the advertised volume of about 2-3 liters. So I thought I spent more money to buy more hot water for the whole family, but that was not the case. You look!

Ariston Slim2 RS Choice of safe Italian standard suitable for small families this winter | Living

Ariston heater always ensures the correct capacity with the advertised capacity.

Currently, the Ariston Slim2 RS heater is being sold for genuine in many stores nationwide. You can also view more information and buy the Ariston Slim2 RS HERE.

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Price: 2,990,000 – 3,490,000 VND

You can still refer to the more advanced Ariston series with Ion Ag + emitting technology that enhances water purification. This technology can be considered as a water filtration system, removing common dangerous bacteria, making the flow of water even cleaner and purer, with uses such as this healthier skin, restoring repair damaged or inflamed skin, etc.

These high-end products are often equipped with Eco Evo power saving features and WiFi remote control for added convenience during use.

Ariston is the world’s leading heating group with a wide range of products: direct water heaters, indirect water heaters, solar water heaters, and heat pumps. Ariston’s products have always pursued outstanding values ​​of durability, safety and energy efficiency.


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