Arena of Truth: TOP 6 strongest squad version 10.12

So The Truth Arena version 10.12 has landed Vietnam server. Removing a lot of old units and adding to a series of new main units, many gamers cannot avoid being surprised, it is not easy to choose the right squads to proceed to climb the rank. If you are experiencing the same situation, here are 6 recommended squads.

1. Super Technology

Throughout the recent updates, Super Tech is still a very strong squad with the main carry Irelia and Ekko. At update 10.12, the only change affecting this squad will be the disappearance of the Holy Woman, but anyone who plays this type of squad knows that Miss Fortune and Ekko have always been “like water with fire.” “So Super Tech doesn’t have too many worries.

With the arrival of the new element – Vayne, players can reach the 6th level without depending on luck with Ekko. Not only that, this is also a perfect piece of the Super Tech Tribe that can carry strong damage in the middle of the game and has the ability to protect itself very well.

Arena of Truth TOP 6 strongest squad version 10 12 | Esports

With the appearance of Riven (Swordsman + Space), Irelia will benefit more or less, plus Vayne, the role of carry in the Super Tech team will have a lot of changes.

2. Gladiator – Gunner

It can be said that Miss Fortune’s disappearance has the greatest impact on this squad.However, the additional compensation of many champions of both Gladiators and Gunners helps this team to be able to complete it early with the replacement pieces. .

Arena of Truth TOP 6 strongest squad version 10 12 | Esports

More specifically, the Gladiator – Gunners squad can retain the power from the old frame except Miss Fortune. In addition, the Gunner also has the presence of a new carry, Kog’Maw (a skill with only 30 energy that increases 80% attack speed and deals damage based on% of target’s maximum health). Plus the Gladiators also have Illaoi and Gnar, so it also significantly increases the ability to resist.

Arena of Truth TOP 6 strongest squad version 10 12 | Esports

After all, the card that will make a turning point in the meta is Janna – which turns all of this team’s damage into magic damage. At that time, the “magician holding a gun” will flip the whole house with armor, if you can skillfully remove Janna to regain physical damage when confronting those with the Mysterious, this is the source Very unpredictable mixed damage from the new Gunner.

3. The Gangplank Mage

Although the Mage squad is no longer strong in the previous meta, when combined with “the national general Gangplank” is a different story. With just 1 combo, Gangplank can wipe out the enemy team thanks to the huge damage of equipment and 6 Wizards.

Arena of Truth TOP 6 strongest squad version 10 12 | Esports

With the power of 4 wizards, a drop of Gangplank’s Cannon Cannons will probably reduce the power compared to 6 wizards. However, with the Star Guard’s true damage source behind them, “Syndra and his friends” will finish off the lingering targets after Gangplank’s skills. Not to mention with the presence of 4-generals Viktor, this is also one of the terrible damage of this team.

If you’re lucky, you can get the Star Guardian Charm and throw it for Gangplank to use, then a standard Damage of Cannon Damage will make the opponent bewildered “freeze for 5 seconds”.

4. Astronaut – Gunner

At the beginning of the game, it is best to have a Caitlyn unit early, 2 stars is better, this is a very strong chess piece at the beginning of the game and can hold items for the main force later. In the early game, a Nautilus unit was also very good early on, this chess piece has a good stats, good control skills and is a perfect tanker at the beginning of the game.

Arena of Truth TOP 6 strongest squad version 10 12 | Esports

As mentioned above, the two most important units of this squad are Jhin and Teemo, they provide an extremely annoying amount of mixed damage and opponents are difficult to counter. Jhin in this new version is not much different than before, even stronger when Infinity Sword gives 100% critical strike ability, combining too well for Blue Palace. The best enemy item Jhin needs is a Claw Trap to evade the opponent’s dangerous control skills.

Arena of Truth TOP 6 strongest squad version 10 12 | Esports

Or you can take full damage like this

Teemo is a bit more complicated, he needs both AP equipment and energy to be able to continuously and effectively throw bombs. Blue Amulets (old Angel’s Scepter) and Witch Hats are the most suitable items for Teemo, if the enemy has a lot of health recovery like the Universe, the Fighting Machine, you should consider pairing with the Demon Devil Morello.

5. Armor – Secret Detective

Secret Detective is one of the most changed Tribes in season 3 when Kai Kai is removed, Kha’Zix and 2 more generals Zed and Nocturne. With the Giap Robot being stronger and more powerful than before, the new Secret Teams including Zed and Nocturne and Shaco will be the strongest squad to deal with the most effective magic and gunner teams.

Arena of Truth TOP 6 strongest squad version 10 12 | Esports

In particular, Nocturne must be up to 3 stars to be trusted and equipped. Otherwise, the main carry in this team will be Zed with the main equipment such as Sword of Death, Giant Removal, Cannons, Infinity, and Angel Armor. In addition, with the ability to steal offensive power, this is a very useful unit to counter all in line formation and become an obsession for ADCs like Jhin or Vayne. Viktor will replace Kai’Sa with his enormous magic damage dame.

6. 6 Star Guardians sandwich the Holy Mother

Eventually we will witness the extremely strong return of the Star Guardian sisters. The Star Guardian 6 squad is quite strong due to the boosted damage from Janna Holy Mother for standard damage.

With 6 Star Guardians and 6 Witches, you can transform this squad with reducing Witches and adding Mystery or removing 1 Star Guardian to get Jhin or Urgot Star Guardian as in theory.

Arena of Truth TOP 6 strongest squad version 10 12 | Esports

The recommended equipment for Janna is a shojin spear so that she can continuously swirl the enemy team. At the same time, Xerath is equipped with two Guinsoo Rage that allows him to shatter any enemy in the blink of an eye.

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