Arena Of Truth: The ugly bad habits of most ‘players’ in the world

In spite of Arena Of Truth help players have moments of entertainment quite healthy, quite few people play “toxic” because it is an individual game and rarely confront 1v1 with 1 single person. However, there are many “players” in this regime that still have some bad habits that are difficult to quit.

Here are some of the bad habits:

Compare the ABC squad to make sure the XYZ lineup is solid

Most players see “what is it and what is it” after a dramatic match and get to the top 1. So many people will not be able to resist excitement and share their joy on forums or networks. society. However, that joy will disappear when someone comments like “this ABC formation and if they meet XYZ, they lose in a note …”.

It is true that most of the lineup in the Arena of Truth have certain countermeasures, but in that match, in that moment, the top 1 position was indisputable, the winner of course was strongest person in the match. So many people think that comparing one team to the other at that time is not necessary, nor does it show anything.

“Card hold”

“Card capture” is a term that refers to the purchase of a champion to reduce the chance of that champion appearing, preventing another player from being able to roll that champion. The important thing is that when “captive card” then you will also spend a lot of money and slots on the reserve. So if you don’t “lock up” to stop someone from getting 3 stars, champions like Vel’Koz, Irelia, Jhin, … then this “harming one’s own harm” really shouldn’t be done.

Roll the note once

In cases where owning a sufficient amount of gold for one roll does not affect income like 2 gold, 22 gold, 52 gold, etc., many players will be a little “itchy” and try rolling once. . But if there is no champion to sell, then the roll will have no money to buy the hero or the champion will be lost. So if determined not to buy it is best not to roll.

Picking things up for the purpose of … teasing others

During the market rounds, most of the hot equipment will be taken first by players with low health. But many people don’t pick up their equipment as soon as it’s their turn, they will choose to pick up items that tease the opponent is to run right next to the equipment they want and pick up when someone comes near.

Arena Of Truth The ugly bad habits of most players in the world | Esports

Playing in the style of “old familiar horses”

Many players will find it quite “unbeatable” after playing a certain team and winning the top 1 in an overwhelming way. But that does not mean that this team will be “unbeatable” in the next match, unless you have “infinite dignity”. So if you play the “old street horse” style using a continuous formation like this, you can still reach the top 1, but usually “top 1 from the bottom up”.

Arena Of Truth The ugly bad habits of most players in the world | Esports

Lazy update information about meta

You need to learn the strongest meta teams to use or confront them

Many people choose to discover a new meta right in their matches, lazy to follow information about the new meta on news sites. This will make you rank down pretty hard if you can not build a team around strong play in the meta.

Arena Of Truth The ugly bad habits of most players in the world | Esports

Questions with a “selfie” nature

Many players have quite the “aimless” questions such as: “Why do I rank Gold and meet all Diamonds …”. The answer to these questions is quite simple: you have a very high win rate, have a high elo, so you are ranked in a match with people who rank much higher than normal. So many players ask these questions with the main purpose of … showing off their high odds of winning.

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