Arena of Truth: The strongest squad in version 10.4 – Senna Lucian lovebirds continue to destroy the virtual world

Update 10.4 will land on servers around the world in the near future. To prepare for that, many players have to adapt to the new changes. But if you know the following squads, you will climb the rank much faster, it does not take much time to learn the strong squads again.

The following are the top strong squads for version 10.4:

Lineup – Cat

The main damage hero will be Yasuo

While the upcoming update does not mention the swords, the squad that is storming in version 10.3 will continue to be strong in 10.4.

This squad will take full advantage of Sand’s ability to eliminate armor for the main Sword guests. In it, the 3 Renekton series, Master Yi and Aatrox will be the resistors for Yasuo and Kha’Zix to “rock” in the back of the enemy formation. Another plus point for this formation is that Yasuo deals attack damage – something that won’t be knocked down too much by the Jade squad.

In terms of equipment priority, Yasuo is the main force, so it will be the first priority. Then Aatrox increases his stamina, finally Sivir with the ability to create Deep Wounds and Disarm effects.

Gunner – Poison – Ice Tribe formation

Arena of Truth The strongest squad in version 10 4 Senna Lucian lovebirds continue to destroy the virtual world | Esports

The main damage dealers are Ashe and Twitch

Although Poison was slightly reduced in power in version 10.4, it was still not enough to weaken the Poison squad in the late game. By the final stage, sometimes just a few champions using the previous skill can decide to win or lose. With this roster, Ashe will be a champion that deals single-target damage with normal squads, Twitch is a champion that deals multi-target damage with the jungle, Summon squads. In addition, Ice Tribe is reworked with a 25% stun rate at all activation levels so Ezreal and Braum will be two potential stun factors. In which, the intrinsic of Ngoc and Guardian will help Taric have more stamina to immortal buff, buy time for the gunner to deal damage.

The priority equipment will be Ashe, Singed and Twitch. Because Ashe will be stronger when activating the skill right at the start of the fight. Singed will spread poison activating Deep Wounds + Venom passive.

Soul Formation – Light – Summon – Shadow

Arena of Truth The strongest squad in version 10 4 Senna Lucian lovebirds continue to destroy the virtual world | Esports

Major damage dealers will be Lucian with the equipment being the Giant Destroyer

In version 10.4, the couple Senna – Lucian has been buffed, so the family back in the meta is quite understandable. With this formation, Lucian will be the main damage factor according to both% health and critical damage from attacks as well as skills. On the other side with the 3 Summoners are Yorick, Malzahar and Annie will make sure their troops are always crowded to withstand. In addition, Senna will be a champion that adds damage to the entire lineup from summoned monsters to champions, the attack will also cause Deep Wound effects. 2 Mystery also makes this squad a lot stronger, that Soraka will activate Light and the silent skill extremely useful when confronting the magic squad.

The priority for equipment will be Senna with Devil’s Mail and Angel Armor (Dragon Claw is good), then Lucian with Giant Destroy (most importantly), Infinity Sword and Guinsoo’s Rage (whether or not OK). Finally, some equipment for Yorick.

Line-up Strong Beast – Unique – Jade – Steel

Arena of Truth The strongest squad in version 10 4 Senna Lucian lovebirds continue to destroy the virtual world | Esports

Kog’Maw will be the main damage dealers

Because Poison has only been reduced by a bit, the Poison + Beast combo is still very strong in version 10.4. In this formation, Kog’Maw will be the main damage element when it is possible to evaporate an opponent as soon as a fight starts when there is enough equipment. Besides Ngoc + Steel is also a strong platform for Kog’Maw, Ashe and Singed to deal damage. The downside is that this squad needs strong 3-star champions, easy to “break” if stuck in the 2-star mark.

Equipment priority will be Kog’Maw, Singed and finally Ashe or Twitch. The reason as mentioned above, with 3 items with Kog’Maw mana can use the skill right after entering the game, and Singed will be spraying poison and creating effects. Lastly, Ashe or Twitch will deal extra damage, having good equipment is also good, but it doesn’t matter too much.

Mage squad – Earth – Water

Arena of Truth The strongest squad in version 10 4 Senna Lucian lovebirds continue to destroy the virtual world | Esports

Brand and Veigar will be the main force of this magician squad

Because Poison has a slight decrease in power, the Wizard’s squad is also indirectly buffed … lightly. In this lineup, Brand and Veigar will be the two main sources of damage. Guardian in the upper line to withstand as well as activate the Earth to create a giant armor for random heroes. Activate the Water to make sure the wizards can deal continuous damage.

In this formation, equipment priority will be given to Veigar (of which the Ambassador Scepter is the most important), followed by Brand. The downside is that if there is no Shovel then there will be no Wizard Hat for Malphite. You will have to choose between level 9 or cast 1 Water or 1 Guardian to activate 6 Wizards.

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