Arena of Truth: The squad has a lot of carry, making opponents ‘don’t know which way to go’

Different from strong squads with 1 carry It is familiar, there are teams with many generals taking on the extremely rich and diverse carry role. In particular, when there are many opponents carry, it is very difficult to completely overcome your squad.

The following are the strong roster in the current meta, and owns a lot of carry generals:

Gunner – Gladiator Squad

The squad consists of 4 main carry Carry Gunners, so there is equipment like in the image for the carry champions to maximize strength

In the early stages, Lucian will be the main damage dealer if there are some powerful equipment like Angel’s Scepter or Luden’s Echo. In the mid game, the carry role will be shared equally Ezreal with Jinx. The final stage will be the 5 generals Miss Fortune to complete 4 Gunners, before Miss Fortune you can also temporarily use Graves to activate the clan.

More specifically on the role of the carry, Lucian will be the main effect hero is disarmament, countering the fierce fighting goals of the enemy team. Ezreal and Miss Fortune will be the main source of magic damage of the team, besides Ezreal can also reduce the speed of using the skill of the enemy very effectively. Jinx will be a source of breakthrough damage, capable of finishing off opponents when activated his skills.

The front tank is Cho’Gath, so he has at least 1 equipment to stun the opponent before being defeated.

Lineup – Super Tech

Arena of Truth The squad has a lot of carry making opponents don t know which way to go | Esports

The squad consists of 4 main carries with different types of damage

In this line-up, Super Tech’s staging system would be a bit weak if not for a few small pieces of equipment that activated within the clan. However, the strength of this squad is to hit the weakest opponent, so there is no worry about that weak point.

As for the main source of damage, Irelia will be the team’s main physical damage, being able to attack the most energy-dense champions. Because Irelia’s skill deals damage in a unique way, you can throw Irelia the Witch Hat or the Infinity Sword at the same time. Next is Ekko with the late game power, which can deal damage and activate the effect on the entire enemy team. Then there is Kayle’s magic damage, when she has the Sword Slayer combo, this champion can deal large area damage to the entire team behind the enemy team. Last but not least is the damage percentage of Miss Fortune’s blood, sometimes it only takes Miss Fortune to launch a beautiful Bullet to win.

The Secret Detective – Nowhere

Arena of Truth The squad has a lot of carry making opponents don t know which way to go | Esports

The team consists of 4 carries with different types of damage

In the frontline, tanky champions will be Cho’Gath along with Garen (fusion from Pilots). As for the backline, the carry is Shaco, respectively, with mutant damage – extremely critical crit, ready for one-hit and lifesteal again in combat. Next is Vel’Koz, with the standard damage of the Void, easily wiping out enemies with a single skill. Later on Kai Kai’sa Kaia was able to wriggle into the backline to deal damage and create effects, and the great equipment for this champion was Blasting Bomb (activating Blasting with Rumble) to stun the enemy team continuously.

In the corner is Kha’Zix with a little … bad luck, because even with standard damage, Kha’Zix still has one more condition to become a real carry: attacking isolated targets. Finally, if Garen is defeated, Fizz will become the last carry, helping the team with a large area of ​​damage plus knocking and stunning.

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