Arena of Truth Mobile launched in March, Riot promises to bring a whole new universe of generals

Only released initially as a game mode of League of Legends, main Riot Games Unexpectedly Arena Of Truth created so strong attraction. The number of players participating in “dignity” is so great that NSX has decided to separate the Arena of Truth into a separate game, independently developed in parallel with League of Legends.

During his birthday in October, Riot Games revealed many big goals with the next stage of League of Legends. In particular, the Arena of Truth is also focused on development and has a mobile version will be released this year. And in the latest introduction clip of NSX, the Arena of Truth design team revealed this game will appear on Mobile in March this year.

That was the only information about Arena Mobile Truth be revealed. We still do not know whether this game will appear in any operating system, is it a completely different version from the Truth Arena on PC or not …

Apart from this revelation, the development team will continue to add new generals to the game. Not only is the general, Riot Games also wants to bring a massive universe of generals into the game. These towers may include Super Items, Star Guardians, Space Guards or a group of generals with Ultimate Weapon costumes … This is called Phase 3 Riot Games will be released around mid March.

Arena of Truth Mobile launched in March Riot promises to bring a whole new universe of generals | Esports

With all the above disclosures, it can be seen that the Arena of Truth will continue to have strong development opportunities in 2020, especially when the Mobile version is born.

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