Arena Of Truth: Items from waste products turn into brands in version 10.14

Green Amulet

After the mid-season update, Blue Talent became an extremely picky item for users and almost only matched when you played Teemo or Riven. However, when the Sorceress – Star Guardian meta arrived Arena Of Truth Version 10.14, Blue Amulets suddenly become the most disputed item because of the overwhelming power when combining this item with the terrible damage of Syndra.

1 Blue Charm is more than enough for Syndra to evaporate into the enemy team

Even after Syndra was nerfed to 50 energy, the importance of Blue Charm became bigger, it helped her to hit more, leading to more buff power for the entire team. Basically, Blue buff is the most necessary equipment to play the Witch – Star Guardian squad and you must have this item if you want to win top1.

Giant Removal

This item is almost forgotten in the previous version when other offensive items like Blue Bow, Infinity Sword are too hot and you are hard to sacrifice B.F and Wooden Bow to pair this item. However, with the release of 10.14 and the overwhelming popularity of Warmog’s Blood Armor, the Giant Kill is the only item that almost counteracts such bloody pieces.

Arena Of Truth Items from waste products turn into brands in version 10 14 | Esports

This equipment is simply extremely powerful

Moreover, the return to the name of Super Technology with a large amount of blood is also a reason that Giant Removal is trusted. With the effect of dealing 80% more damage converted into standard damage to units greater than 1750 health, Giant Killing is the best item for your bosses to kill hot meta games like Jarvan IV super tank at the time. current point.

Cloak Of Gai

The fact that there are so many champions tend to do damage like ZedRiven, Vayne are added to the tank to make defense items extremely necessary for your tank to survive. With the Infinity Sword appearing all over the lineup, the Cape Cloak becomes extremely powerful to minimize the damage of the opponent.

Arena Of Truth Items from waste products turn into brands in version 10 14 | Esports

Cloak of Gai is simply the strongest defense item currently available

Moreover, the Cape Cloak’s critical damage reduction effect also applies to skills, so this item also has a strong foothold in the current flooded Witch meta. Perhaps none of the items at the moment are as strong defensive as the Cape Cloak, so you should consider taking care of your tank lest they evaporate and cannot protect the owner. your force.

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