Arena Of Truth: Is it possible that Super Tech, Rebellion, Dark Star will have new chess pieces?

In the development video corner Riot Games launched a few weeks ago, they have confirmed that Arena Of Truth There will be a huge update in the middle of the version. If compared with season 2, the scale will be much larger with the update of the Spirit system of the Lucian duo – Senna or the Moon Tribe with Leona and Karma.

Lucian and Senna created a small meta for the Arena of Truth after their debut

Basically, Riot Games just hinted that there will be new generals, clans – new generation … but nothing specific at all. However, a few hours ago, in answering questions from gamers on Twitter, Riot Mortdog – chief designer of the Arena of Truth – revealed some new details about the upcoming update, even it can revive some of the current roster with estrangement.

Arena Of Truth Is it possible that Super Tech Rebellion Dark Star will have new chess pieces | Esports

Riot Mortdog: “I’m really happy to look at the development of this update. Currently, this is the most diverse version that the Arena of Truth has ever had, so many teams can win. there are also updates and this version will have to go through, some people call it the best version, while others call it the worst version. “

Youtuber BunnyMiffin: “I think the diversity is good, but most of the squad that only supports one player is not very good. It makes people feel like they are deceived by the meta. Maybe a tank boost would be of any help.” ? I’m not sure”.

Riot Mortdog: “We are currently testing an increase in the pool of 3 coins to 18 champions, which allows 2 players in a match to be able to get 3 stars with the same champion 3 money. It’s all just a test. so probably won’t apply “.

Gamers ask: “I really like this version but there is a serious question that there are some teams that are too dependent on 5 money generals such as Super Technology, Rebellion, Dark Star. It is almost a game of chance when you do everything. how to roll 5 generals the money you need that. And by 2 stars then change the extreme completely. Is there any idea to change this? “.

Riot Mortdog: “Yes, we are making some changes aimed at that and will be releasing in the major update between releases.”

Arena Of Truth Is it possible that Super Tech Rebellion Dark Star will have new chess pieces | Esports

To solve the problem of relying on 5-generals, the affordable solution is to add some of the same but cheaper generals, like Akali for Super Tech.

With what Riot Mortdog answered, we can understand that the update between the versions will touch almost everything in the game from the pool change, clan – new generation or new born. Expanding the pool of 3 coins to 18 pieces will increase the chance you get the necessary pieces. In essence, most of the 3 money units of Season 3 serve a purpose for adding effects or strength to your squad. Having a 3-star 2-star unit early will make you feel secure and believe in the middle of the game.

Arena Of Truth Is it possible that Super Tech Rebellion Dark Star will have new chess pieces | Esports

Kassadin is not really the main force, but the effect from the clan – the system or the skill he brings is too good

Besides, we can hope that Riot Games will release more Super Tech, Rebellion or Dark Star units to complement these squads. The common point of all these 3 teams is that depending on the 5 money unit, if you can stand enough combos, but if you want to be strong, you must have Xerath when playing Dark Star, Aurelion Sol when playing Rebellion, Super Technology is not It is indispensable for Ekko.

Arena Of Truth Is it possible that Super Tech Rebellion Dark Star will have new chess pieces | Esports

New generals of the Super Tech, Rebellion and Dark Star factions?

Currently, the hyper-roll meta is rampant, if you are not strong enough in the middle of the game, it is very easy to bleed and die too early. The addition of units that are not 5 money but can still activate such large races will make the squad stronger in the middle of the game, but we still have to wait until version 10.12 to know exactly what’s new. will appear.

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