Arena Of Truth: Having been at the top of the meta for a long time, now few people use these teams

The harshness of the meta in the Arena of Truth has been clearly shown through each new update, when the teams that were fiercely competing are now “spurned” mercilessly by most players. If you do not have the “infinite dignity” then it is best to stay away from the following formation to avoid dropping ranks:

Lineup “visit thousands of clamps”

Called by the community by an interesting name, but the position of the No Roster squad in the current meta is “looking up is not equal to anyone, looking down … there’s no one”. With the power of “gold hack to hack equipment”, this squad used to stand on top of the Arena of Truth throughout many updates, no matter which server it is.

Currently, it’s not just the squads that aren’t in general but that Gangplank In particular, extremely few users. The reason is that this squad needs too much time to reach their strength threshold (requires a 5-star champion is Gangplank and also needs a lot of rounds to pick up drop equipment from No One), while the current meta is too fond of Strong early champions like Xayah, Jarvan, Syndra, Jhin – are all very strong team carries in the mid to mid game.

Lineup revolves around Breakout Ziggs

Arena Of Truth Having been at the top of the meta for a long time now few people use these teams | Esports

Ziggs Breakout with Blue Amulet + Witch Hat was a champion capable of extremely strong snowball from the early stages of the game with the ability to spam extremely good quality. Targets targeted by Ziggs are almost unconscious until death when Ziggs activates Blast. At this time Ziggs can take the winning chain, level up early and choose a lineup with his late game carry around Rebellion (Jinx, Aurelion Sol, Master Yi) or revolve around Breakout with No Tough thanks to Gangplank .

However, in recent updates, the removal of the Blast Bomb equipment alone has made Blast unable to retain its status as before. This makes Ziggs, Rumble and Gangplank lose the potential to combine with other champions. In addition, when there is a Green Amulet and a magic item, the player’s choice will be Syndra’s “bug” rather than the Explosive Specialist, so Ziggs is “spurned” is unavoidable. .

Pilot’s squad

Arena Of Truth Having been at the top of the meta for a long time now few people use these teams | Esports

Ever since the day of Kai Kai-chan as well as the Sacred Maiden being removed from the Arena of Truth, the squad of pilots has been greatly weakened. But with quite attractive gameplay when combined with Secret, the trio of Annie, Rumble and Fizz are still a lot of players trust and use after the big mid-season update. In it, the common squad is Pilot 4 Secret Detective 2 Witches, Zed is the main carry with 3 equipment: Infinity Sword, Cannon Barrage and Angel Armor.

But in the current meta, the pilot loses his already unstable foothold. Many people think that Garen Super Armor is not as strong as … the one champion is Jarvan in the current meta. Then the 4 Secret Detective easily evaporated by Syndra’s “shot balls”, not to mention that Garen can be easily defeated by strong carries in the meta like Shaco, Jhin or Xayah.

Astronaut Gunner Squad

Arena Of Truth Having been at the top of the meta for a long time now few people use these teams | Esports

Teemo has not been nerfed but most ADCs now use Jhin Ashe and Dark Star.

At the latest updates then Teemo Activating with Astronaut is still an extremely scary force, can spam skills to finish off enemies continuously. When so strong, this squad can also “hack experience” with Bard to level 9, both experienced and profitable – a double job.

But in the current meta, perhaps due to the rise of other roster, Astronauts have been pushed down from the top roster. Even if Teemo has not lost any power in the last update, this champion is no longer used. If not a “card out and start playing” then it is best not to use Teemo as well as Astronauts.

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