Arena of Truth: Combine the best ADCs of the current meta

These squads Archer recently recently back from the continuous buff from Riot. And even with the toughest squad like Assassin gradually ascending to the throne, the gunner’s strength has not diminished at all. Still be trusted by many players.

Gunner has been constantly getting buffs in recent versions to gain a foothold in the meta.

The Gunner roster has a lot of roster and is also very easy to rotate depending on the situation. Therefore, sometimes you will have to make the right decisions for your Gunner squad at that match at crucial moments to turn the situation around.

Here are some ADCs of the current meta as well as pros and cons for each game.

1, (4) Gunner / (4) Guardian

Arena of Truth Combine the best ADCs of the current meta | Esports

This is the most basic squad with (4) Guardians that provide good stamina, along with Malphite also adds a significant amount of control compared to other Gunners. More effective against physical damage squads like Light, Gunner, Swordsman, Battle of Bunch.

However, this squad will have a lot of difficulties when facing the Summoner or Mage squad because there is no Magic or Poison.

2, (4) Gunner / Poison / Guardian

Arena of Truth Combine the best ADCs of the current meta | Esports

Not too different from the squad above but with the addition of Poison, very good weapon against the squad using many skills.

However, if you have a Demon Lord and during the reroll you have the ability to Singed 2-star, you can always replace the other 2 Guardians because Taric simply doesn’t need too much Armor because (2) Ngoc Very good damage reduction even without Armor from Guardian.

3, (2) Gunner / Nguyet Tribe / Poison

Arena of Truth Combine the best ADCs of the current meta | Esports

This is one of the extremely powerful squad at the time of the Lunar New Year’s debut but is gradually losing its position because Karma and Leona is undergoing minor nerfs from Riot.

However, this is the squad suitable for high ranks with the “live in a hurry” game. This squad can rush 7 very early and complete the team so that they can keep the blood until adding important factors at level 8 like Amumu, Taric, Nami, …

4, (6) Gunner / Guardian

Arena of Truth Combine the best ADCs of the current meta | Esports

This is an extremely scary dry blood formation with the ability to stack damage no less than the Assassins, Swordsmen squad.

Even this will be the most suitable choice when confronting with Assassins because the upper tanker does not do much but the amount of attack speed x2.5 after 3 seconds of starting the game is very strong and can put damage. In contrast, the assassin squad is very fast. Or simply you some situations like you have Vayne or 3-star Varus.

Equip suitable

• Ashe: Ashe uses equipment that deals damage or effects on the attack very effectively, especially the Statikk Knife and Giant Kill.

• Twitch: using Blue Bow + Infinity Sword combo to optimize Twitch’s damage extremely effectively and also eliminates large-scale Armor that helps other ADCs deal more damage.

• Angel Armor: Always needed, especially when dealing with Assassin or Azir Sword Formations.

The Gunner is extremely powerful in the current 10.1 version and even the 10.2 update in foreign servers is the era of Assassin squads, the Gunner has always been trusted.

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