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Are instant noodles really harmful to the digestive system as rumors say?

Yes ! Instant noodles, or as we often call them, instant noodles – are a very popular food with almost all of us Vietnamese.

Surely your childhood, everyone is associated with the legendary dish “Raw shrimp noodles”, in other words, eating instant noodles without going through the process of cooking or stir-frying, is that right!

Just tear out the instant noodles package, squeeze it to crumble and mix soup and spices to eat. Why is it so delicious 🙂 It’s that simple, yet it’s a whole area of ​​childhood ᵔᴥᵔ

Also because before, I didn’t get Bim Bim to eat, I didn’t have anything available like now.

Noodles became popular because it was delicious, and cheap. There are no dishes that can help you overcome your hunger so quickly and at a low cost.

Therefore, it can be said that Noodles is the “benefactor” of many students when falling into the scene of “cholangitis”. Talking about Noodles, there are many memories, but it is no longer rambling. Now let’s get back to this main issue:

Recently, the online community has been buzzing with rumors that eating instant noodles will negatively affect the digestive system.

Topics emerged like “Instant noodles cause indigestion”, “Shocked with the image of noodles intact in the stomach after 2 hours” or is “Instant noodles are the enemy of the digestive system” and many more sensational titles.

Are instant noodles really harmful to the digestive system as rumors say | Good Knowledge

So is this really bad, is it that a dish that has been associated with many people’s students has such a great negative effect on our digestive system?

Please join me to learn the top stories in today’s article. Firstly, Let’s find out about the ingredients of Instant Noodles, also known as Instant Noodles.

Noodles (instant noodles) are mainly made from wheat flour, potato flour, so this food will be classified in the group of foods made from starch such as rice or bread that we often use.

Are instant noodles really harmful to the digestive system as rumors say | Good Knowledge

Next is the digestive stage when we eat instant noodles. Noodles or all other foods are food, but already food, they all have the same digestive stages.

It consists of chewing, swallowing, dissolving, absorbing and finally excreting to the outside. The first is chewing, when we put the food in our mouth, we will chew and make the noodles break and crush into small pieces.

During the chewing process, the noodles are also soaked with saliva by the action of the tongue, at which time enzymes in the saliva will break down a portion of the fat in the noodles and help the process behind. easier.

In the small intestine minerals such as water, vitamins are also absorbed.

Are instant noodles really harmful to the digestive system as rumors say | Good Knowledge

After chewing, the noodles are swallowed into the esophagus and started to move in the digestive tract. The first place in the digestive tract is the stomach.

Here, Noodles will be soaked with an acid that helps the stomach to contract and absorb easily, also known as gastric juice. After being thoroughly mixed with the flavorings, the noodles are softer and are called dissolving chaff.

Acids in gastric juice combine with enzymes released by the stomach to partly metabolize protein and fat.

Next, The noodles are transferred to the small intestine, the amount of noodles is further broken down by enzymes secreted from the pancreas.

At this time, the complex particles in starch, fat and protein will be broken down into the basic elements, helping the body to absorb it more easily.

Eventually the large intestine will absorb the remaining substances, waste with undigested fiber will be pushed down the rectum and excreted out.

How about the time to digest Noodles, let’s find out the following to know if it is long or short compared to other foods!

Are instant noodles really harmful to the digestive system as rumors say | Good Knowledge

According to researchers, the time to digest the noodles is 3-4 hours. That’s why the rumors and headlines like: “Shocked to see the image of whole noodles in the stomach after 2 hours”.

So this time is short or long, please tell you this period is not long. On average, other foods take 10-73 hours to digest.

So 3-4 hours is a short time already. Yet, gossiping makes netizens howling and howling.

Compared with other foods, meat and fish take 12 – 24 hours to digest, milk takes 12 hours to digest. Thus, the digestion of instant noodles takes place faster.

Since then, it is confirmed that the digestive process of instant noodles is like other food bags, and instant noodles are not the cause of indigestion as people speculate.

Are instant noodles really harmful to the digestive system as rumors say | Good Knowledge

Yes, so I have to answer to help you wonder if instant noodles affect the digestive system or not.

However, whatever you say. You should balance your diet to get the full nutrients for life. Do not overdo instant noodles, eating too much is not good – especially fast food.

Eating noodles too often will easily get hot in the body, causing a fever. Moreover, the nutrients in Noodles are not much, only helping you to overcome temporary hunger. So let’s eat and drink scientifically.

Hope this article will be useful to you. Good luck !

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