Applying the Japanese minimalist lifestyle, after 3 months I see: Freer, more time, more energy and save more money

Anyone who is born is minimalist. “

Tyler Durden in the film The Hunger Games said: “In the end, we become slaves to the things we own.” This is true for me when I burned a lot of money for clothes and shoes, and the items that I bought had never been torn down. However, accidentally reading the book “Japanese minimalist lifestyle” by Sasaki Fumio is a turning point in my thinking and my lifestyle. In the 3-month practice, I realized, “Reducing overload of household items is one time to help think about happiness.” Of course, this process was not easy and at first found extremely inconvenient, but when strictly applied, I have achieved worthy results.

Learn more about the minimalist lifestyle, marvel at the nature of the Japanese. From birth, they have been minimalist people. Each person only has two or three clothes but very neat and clean. The Japanese used to hold no more than ten clothes. When on the move, always walking, housing is simple, comfortable, and it is not a permanent residence. The Japanese always build new, rebuild houses. That style, that look is not a minimalist lifestyle. This lifestyle has also influenced traditional Japanese culture, minimalist culture.

There was no leftovers in the room, and the door only had a narrow door. If you like the style of leaning on chairs like celebrities, don’t enter the tea room. Also, even if a fighter wants to go to the tea room, he has to leave it outside. Having entered the tea room, it did not distinguish the rich or the poor, the common people or the famous people, but just a meeting between people, who enjoyed a cup of tea together.

Applying the Japanese minimalist lifestyle after 3 months I see Freer more time more energy and save more money | Live

Gradually, I realized:

– No one from birth has any property or furniture at hand. So anyone who is just born is minimalist.

– Every time you own more items than necessary, you take away your freedom.

– Our value is not measured by the things we own. These appliances just give us a little of the momentary happiness.

– Bring more supplies than necessary will take all your time, energy.

When you realize that, you have started to become a minimalist living.

Since entering the minimalist lifestyle, reducing the unnecessary items, I always feel happy and new every day. For example, a travel. Almost everyone packed up until the start of the day. But even if you check the list of items to take away, you still feel something is missing. But when it comes time, you have to lock the door and pull the suitcase away. It is at this time you feel comfortable. Yes, if I had this suitcase, I would be able to live quite a long time. Maybe I forgot something at home, but it’s okay that the most necessary things are already here.

After the commute, go to a motel or hotel, sleep on a tatami mat and enjoy the comfort. Rooms are very clean, tidy and less furnished. In this room, there are no leftovers like at home. Therefore, motels are always a pleasant place on trips. You leave furniture in the room and go for a walk nearby or relax anywhere. You have time to enjoy the scenery, the people, the life and there is nothing to be done.

It is such a feeling that, perhaps anyone has experienced the feeling that minimalist life brings. And of course, maybe you also feel the opposite feeling, that is the end of the trip, you board the plane home. The items you have arranged very neatly before you go are lying around in your suitcase. Souvenirs are packed in hand bags. Tickets to the resort, shopping bills … stuffed into your pocket. When it came time to check the flight ticket, you could find it chaotic, “Oh, where did I put it?” At that time, you will receive unpleasant eyes from behind.

This is the feeling when you are so much bothered by furniture, because when there is a need, you can not free your hands to do anything. We always take time and effort to own an item, or to preserve and manage the items we already have. And we spend so much that our everyday necessities become our boss.

Applying the Japanese minimalist lifestyle after 3 months I see Freer more time more energy and save more money | Live

How is the minimalist living?

Everyone has different reasons to become a minimalist person. There are people who find life upside down because of their belongings, and others feel unhappy despite being rich and possessing many things in us. Some people reduce their belongings after many moves, sometimes they want to get rid of the gloom of life. Or there are also people who inherently dislike many things, even some who have changed their way of living after an earthquake.

So what is a minimalist person like? Reduce furniture to what extent is called minimalist living? However, don’t because you see others being minimalist, you also learn to insist and force yourself when you’re not really ready. Because, the minimalist living is:

– Someone who truly understands what is needed for him.

– People know to reduce furniture because things really important.

There are practically no standards for minimalist living. That means that if you own a hundred items or just a TV, you won’t be able to live minimalist, or if you can put all your clothes in a closet, you’re the minimalist. , that’s not it … All of these are not criteria to judge whether a person should be minimalistic or not.

For each different person, there are important and different important things. Therefore, the reduction of furniture is also different

Dismissing furniture is not the “purpose” of a minimalist lifestyle, it is only a means to help us identify what is really important in our lives. It is only the opening chapter for a story, and the rest of the book is something that I myself have realized. To be able to focus on the important things, eliminate the unimportant ones. This is the problem in all areas of life today.

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