Apple wants to produce new iPhones entirely from recycled materials

In an Apple facility located in Austin, Texas, there is a special employee who works constantly without ever complaining as well as asking for pay, or needing a lunch break. The special agent is a robot named Daisy. Apple uses Daisy to dismantle old iPhones and recycle recycled materials, to use for the production of new iPhones.

In just 4 steps, Daisy can disassemble the battery from an iPhone, using the cold air stream at -115 degrees C. Daisy can disassemble more than 200 iPhones in just one hour, components can then be removed. Sent to recycling companies.

Robot Daisy helps Apple recycle iPhone components.

Experts say that the idea of ​​recycling Apple really can not do

The goal that Apple sets is to use entirely recycled materials to make new iPhones, instead of buying materials from mining companies. This idea is really great for those who love and want to protect the environment.

However, iFixit founder Kyle Wiens said that: “It’s really crazy to believe that Apple can recover all iPhone recycling components, which is impossible. Apple should focus on trying to repair old iPhones, rather than recycling them. ”

In 2018, Apple recalled 9 million old iPhones from users. Of which, 7.8 million iPhones were refurbished by Apple and 1.2 million were disassembled by the Daisy robot. After removing all the components and batteries, the older iPhones left an aluminum frame. This aluminum frame is used for new iPhones, even the welds to attach components are also made from recycled tin.

Apple doesn’t want users to keep old iPhones in the cupboard or toss them in the trash. “Old devices have a lot of value. If they are in good condition, we can refurbish them. If not, we could recycle and save a lot of precious materials extracted from Earth’s minerals. ”, Apple said last year.

Miners, meanwhile, believe Apple’s idea won’t hurt the industry. Because there are many other manufacturers will still use materials from mining. Even if Apple can actually produce based on recycled materials, not all smartphone companies can follow suit.

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