Apple makes masks, created by the iPhone design team, but only for employees

According to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple’s design division, who designed the iPhones and iPads, created a new set of masks to distribute to corporate and retail store employees. .

Named Apple Face Mask, this mask has 3 layers of material that helps to filter out particles, similar to many other masks and it can be washed to reuse up to 5 times. The mask is designed with a pointed triangle over the nose to prevent breath blur, a circular area under the chin and an adjustable strap around the ear.

An Apple employee sent MacRumors a photo of a mask designed by Apple

In addition, Apple also collaborated with Gallaudet University, a school for students who are deaf or have hearing problems, to create another type of mask called the Apple Clear Mask.

Thanks to its transparent outer layer, the Apple Clear Mask allows Apple employees to use their masks to communicate with customers with hearing problems. This is also the first transparent surgical mask approved by the FDA.

According to the Bloomberg report, Apple also carefully chooses the right materials for its masks without affecting the supply of medical equipment for hospitals.

Before that, in April of this year, when the Covid-19 pandemic was starting to break out strongly in the US, Apple designed masks for medical personnel and sent them where needed.

These new masks will begin shipping to Apple employees within the next two weeks to replace the regular ones that are still in use today. Customers visiting the Apple Store will be given regular masks, not Apple’s design.

Refer to MacRumors

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