Apple is likely to tap the money again, by selling the iPhone 12 without the bundled EarPods headset in the box

According to the latest analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, who has been dubbed the “companion” for accurate predictions about Apple’s upcoming products, the iPhone 12 may be sold without EarPods headset included in the box.

That means users will no longer receive a free headset when buying an iPhone 12, which is very familiar and seems to be mandatory in the box of each new smartphone.

According to Mr. Kuo, this change of Apple to continue to promote sales of AirPods wireless headphones. Kuo also said that Apple will launch promotions or discounts when purchased with AirPods with iPhone 12, in order to increase sales during the year-end holiday season.

In this expert’s analysis, this year’s AirPods sales increased to 80 – 93 million devices. Despite the Covid-19 epidemic that has greatly affected consumer shopping needs, the launch of the iPhone 12 later this year will help boost sales again.

Kuo said that Apple will not launch any new version of AirPods or AirPods Pro this year. With the second-generation AirPods going to be 18 months old when the iPhone 12 is launched, the discounts and promotions will be very reasonable for consumers to buy new iPhones.

Currently, users can buy a regular EarPods headset for $ 29, or first-generation AirPods for $ 159.

Apple has bundled earbud headphones in the box since the first iPhone generation. Wired EarPods were first introduced in 2012, along with the iPhone 5. Later, Apple switched from headphones connected with the 3.5mm jack to the Lightning port, when the iPhone 7 was launched.

So if Mr. Kuo’s judgment is correct, this will be the first time an iPhone has been sold without a headset in the box. This could also be a milestone marking the disappearance of future wired headsets.

Reference: 9to5mac

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