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Apple is accused of stealing trade secrets by pretending to cooperate and “recruiting” talented people of other companies

Recently, Masimo Corp has filed a lawsuit against Apple with the alleged theft of trade secrets and put on Apple Watch line of Apple Defects.

Masimo has filed a lawsuit against Apple in federal court in Santa Ana, California to prevent Apple from using Masimo’s patented technology on the Apple Watch Series 4 and 5. Apple also wants Apple to pay damages to Apple. the damage caused earlier.

According to the lawsuit files, Masimo and its biotechnology company Cercacor Laboratories confirmed that Apple stole their trade secrets by building a partnership before “stealing” key employees. by Cercacor Laboratories about Apple.

Apple first partnered with Masimo in 2013 before launching the Apple Watch. At that time, Masimo merely assumed that Apple wanted to use the company’s technology for new wearables. However, Masimo does not think Apple will recruit key personnel from Masimo and Cercacor Laboratories.

One of them is Michael O’Reilly, who is currently the Vice President of Apple health technology. Or like Marcelo Lamego, who was Cercacor’s chief technology officer.

Apple is accused of stealing trade secrets by pretending to cooperate and recruiting talented people of other companies | ICT News

Both are key and very important members at Masimo. They hold a lot of important company information and trade secrets. After Apple hired these employees, they began filing patents based on Masimo and Cercacor’s trade secrets.

According to Masimo, the company has repeatedly warned Apple about respecting intellectual property rights. However, Apple continues to ignore.

This is not the first time, Apple has faced lawsuits involving Apple Watch. Most recently, a cardiologist in New York also sued Apple for tacitly copying the irregular heartbeat notification feature and posting it on the Apple Watch from the first generation.

Apple so far has not officially commented on the lawsuits.

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