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Apple: ‘Fortnite is running out of time, Epic Games deliberately sued just to promote the game’

The legal battle between Apple and Epic has just turned to another turning point when Apple is filing a lawsuit against Epic against violating its contract with the App Store on iOS to avoid paying millions of dollars in fees. In addition, Apple also asked the court to force Epic to compensate for these damages and prohibit the company from doing anything similar in the future.

In the context of this battle, both sides are constantly using heavy words to criticize each other. In the latest legal file has just been submitted to the court on Tuesday, Apple confirmed that Epic Games decided to ‘lose enough’ to Apple is to … PR for Fornite.

Apple accused Epic Game of deliberately suing in order to attract public attention for Fortnite

According to Apple’s argument, the game once considered ‘golden chicken’ is showing signs of slowing down in popularity, forcing Epic Games to use every trick to attract the attention of the public. .

For reasons unrelated to Epic’s accusations against Apple, Fortnite’s popularity is dwindling. By July 2020, interest in Fortnite has dropped by almost 70% from October 2019. This lawsuit (and the front page headlines mentioning the case) appears to be part of a marketing campaign. It is planned to re-draw attention to Fortnite “, Apple said in court filing.

According to Business Insider, Apple has invoked a series of figures to support the allegation. Specifically, Apple’s “70%” figure is based on data provided by Google Trend, which shows how many people have been searching for Fortnite since the game’s release in 2017.

The tech firm also cited an April Yahoo Finance report on a survey showing that other survival titles are catching up to Fortnite in popularity. Additionally, Apple also uses an August 2019 report from Bloomberg that says Fortnite’s revenue is falling.

Notably, before Epic’s move to bring Fortnite back to the App Store, Apple has had a very harsh response in the recent legal filing to the court.

Epic had ‘fueled the fire’ on its own, and is now asking the Court for emergency assistance to ‘quell’ it, although Epic can do so immediately by adhering to the appropriate terms. Copper has benefited its relationship with Apple for many years“, Apple stated.

On the other hand, Apple also confirmed that the iOS version of Fortnite revenue is only a very small part of the total revenue of this game, based on data published by Epic itself. Specifically, Fortnite players on iPhone only account for 10% of the total number of players, bringing the lowest revenue compared to other platforms such as PC, Console, Android.

This means that Epic’s claim it is suffering ‘irreversible damage’ after Fortnite was removed from the App Store is incorrect, Apple’s argument. In other words, Apple claims. Epic Games purposely made a lot of noise to do something else.

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