AoE: No one in Vietnam has ever dared to challenge Bibi and the Sparrow to Go Sunny!

BiBi, The Sparrow Goes Sun is the strongest 2vs2 Random pair of AoE Vietnam?

In the past 2 days, the AoE Vietnam community became active after the gamer Hong Anh posted his status on his Fanpage. According to that status, this gamer wants to confront Chipboy and Sparrow and BiBi in the 2vs2 Random category.

In fact, BiBi and Sparrow are always considered to be two counterbalances in the Random category. It has never been these two names together in a top-notch 2vs2 match, in the past there were also two times that Sparrows and BiBi had the same battle line but that was in the content of R. Many people gave that, with the level and random mindset of the 2 best gamers of the Vietnamese Empire community, no couple can beat them in the 2vs2 Random genre.

But surprisingly, Hong Anh and Chipboy presented a challenge to Sparrow and BiBi. The cause of this “reckless” stems from the issue of BiBi’s performance over the past time when the captain of the Efunvn BiBi Club has a series of extremely poor competition. Not only consecutive losses in the category 2vs2, 4vs4 Random, BiBi is also easily defeated by rivals in the Random category.

AoE No one in Vietnam has ever dared to challenge Bibi and the Sparrow to Go Sunny | Esports

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Among those who defeated BiBi was Hong Anh and Chipboy. BiBi also shared his current performance with us “From the New Year until now, I have not been in good shape, the feeling of manipulation and the rhythm of the game has not been at the best, in addition to that the card is somewhat cruel, so the result is not competitive. good”.

AoE No one in Vietnam has ever dared to challenge Bibi and the Sparrow to Go Sunny | Esports

Hong Anh, Chipboy send challenges to Chim Se, BiBi.

Currently, it is clear that BiBi is getting a poor performance, so the challenges and opportunities of Hong Anh and Chipboy are grounded. However, in a top-notch match, many people think that the combination of BiBi and Sparrow is perfect and complement each other extremely well.

Both BiBi and Sparrow possess solid play, comprehensive defense and extremely sensitive tactical change situations. Meanwhile, Hong Anh and Chipboy are two of AoE Vietnam’s best gamers in the attacking play style. The harshness of Hong Anh, Chipboy will be pitted against the certainty and suppleness of BiBi and the Sparrow Go Sunlight.

In order to wind up the spirit for this very promising future confrontation, BiBi has confidently asserted: “I am not in a good shape, but to be honest, no one in this Vietnamese empire community has dared to challenge me with the Sunny Sparrow in the 2vs2 Random genre. If nothing is too sudden , an X-0 win on C will be my most obvious answer and Sparrow on the challenge of two friends on the other side of the front line is Hong Anh and Chipboy. “

This fascinating match will take place like? What will be the outcome of the confrontation between the two systems and procedures? The answer will be in the near future.

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