AoE: Defeating the Finches at the moment, being brave and brave is not enough

2020 is continuing to witness an absolute power of Sparrow Goes Sunny in every genre. The most famous names of the Vietnamese AoE community such as BiBi, Hoang Mai Nhi, Chipboy, Hong Anh have all suffered miserable failures when they ‘dare’ to challenge this force.

In particular, the prodigy of the prodigy from Dan Phuong is most evident in the Random category.

The “ Go Sarrow ” is flattening the Vietnamese AoE community in a destructive fashion.

BiBi, the number 1 counterweight for the Sparrows in the Random category. A gamer with a transforming style of play, a solid playing mentality and an extremely seasoned bravery battle has also shown signs of losing his breath compared to the Sparrow’s Sun in the first matches of the year. new Canh Ty.

There is no longer a stubborn BiBi, attractive duel with the Sparrow Sunbeam anymore but instead is a battered and easily defeated BiBi. When BiBi has failed repeatedly, AoE fans love to suddenly turn their eyes to Hong Anh, gamers will return in late 2019. But then after 3C duel, Hong Anh truly helpless against an already-comprehensive Sparrow and has reached a new level in the Random category.

In fact, the victory belongs to the Sparrows and the unbeaten circuit of this player is something many viewers have predicted. Instead of blaming and blaming the defeated generals like BiBi or Hong Anh, there are many viewers who have given them the word ‘Courage’ when daring to confront the King of AoE Vietnam at the present time.

It was also VaneLove’s answer after the end of his solo match with the Sparrow’s Sun. 1C to win against the Sparrow for VaneLove itself was also a success. However, this player also asserted, the current moment if you only “brave” alone is not enough to beat the Sperm to Go Sunny.

AoE Defeating the Finches at the moment being brave and brave is not enough | Esports

VaneLove affirms that in order to defeat the Sunny Sparrow, there are many other factors that need to be done!

VaneLove said that, compared to a year ago, Sparrows have perfected their skills and style in the Random genre, from fighting Team to solo. “A Sparrow is more diverse in gameplay, he is ready to fight, willing to sacrifice resources for his teammates. There are no more obstinate battles against R Palace as before. Now confronting Birds Se, in addition to the ability to hold the key, you also have to worry about the bird slashing the map when the ability to force life, the force structure of this player is very terrible. “.

Before the question of wanting to defeat the Sparrow Sparrow at the present time, what should gamers do, VaneLove answered: “To defeat Sparrows you must converge on the element of heaven ie the supporting card, the advantage means that that day you will compete in a space that helps you the most excited and meaningful that day’s performance must be the most perfect. To beat the perfect person, you have to be more perfect than that person. “

For AoE Vietnam fans who love a competitive community of empires, many fascinating and unexpected elements, the Sparrow Goes Sun and the question of who can defeat the “Poison King” This Miss Miss “will definitely be what we look forward to in the coming days!

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